Thursday, January 26, 2017

CNN Reporting on Donald Trump

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Last Night, while I'm out of town I was watching CNN at a restaurant and CNN was talking about how Trump is a problem. The CNN knuckleheads addressed three topics while I sat there in the restaurant with my meal.

1. Voter Fraud, and Trump's decision to launch an investigation into the 2016 Election.

2. Trump's call for a stop of violence in Chicago or else he will send federal officers in to stop the killing.

3. Immigration, regarding Trump's immigration policies at the southern border, and regarding the import of Muslim "migrants" and "refugees."

Voter Fraud: It has been alleged that in each election the community organizers have ensured that voter fraud has been in play, allowing people to vote multiple times, and for illegal aliens who are not eligible to vote to cast a vote in an attempt to assist in the election of the Democrats. After Obama's two wins, the accusations were that the Republicans were just being sore losers. Now, Trump has won, but he still believes there was voter fraud, and he wants it looked into. Why is that a problem? If there are fraudulent activities going on in our elections, wouldn't we want it to be looked into? The liberal leftists on CNN called the call for an investigation an attempt to create voter suppression in the next few elections.  While according to Article I of the United States Constitution the issue belongs to the States, the Congress has the authority to be involved when necessary.  That said, Trump's call for Congress to look into the possibility of fraud in the last election, and to pass legislation to tighten up the rules, is completely constitutional.  As for the "voter suppression" accusation, that is a last gasp cry of a Democrat Party getting their butts kicked.  How is investigating fraud, or requiring ID at the voting booth to guard against fraud, voter suppression?  Don't people need identification to cash welfare checks, sign up for welfare, or get a prescription through Obamacare?

Immigration: Illegal aliens have broken federal law by illegally crossing the national border.  Immigration is a concurrent issue, with the States having the authority to take care of business once the illegal aliens are in their States.  However, because the illegal aliens broke federal law it remains a federal issue as well.  Article I, Section 9 allows Congress to write legislation prohibiting certain persons from migrating into the United States.  During World War II, Congress limited and even prohibited in most cases the immigration into the United States of persons from Germany, Italy and Japan, the countries that comprised the Axis Powers we were fighting against.  Congress did not establish those prohibitions because America is racist or insensitive, but because we couldn't tell the good from the bad.  That is also the reason we had Ellis Island and the immigration protocols in place - to protect the receiving population from potentially dangerous immigrants, be it because of criminal history, affiliation with enemy factions or enemy governments, or because of disease.  Withholding federal funds from cities who break federal immigration law by being sanctuary cities is not only reasonable, but is also a strategy Democrats have used in the past against cities that have dared to buck against the Democrat establishment's demands.

Chicago Violence: When discussing violence in Chicago, Trump is talk about sending in the feds if the violence isn't resolved.  In the Constitution, it tells us that one of the reasons the federal government was created was to ensure domestic tranquility.  In Article I, Section 8 and Section 9 and Article IV, Section 4 the federal government is tasked with protecting the States from violence, insurrection and invasion.

The talking heads on CNN were very critical of Trump on each issue, calling him a racist, and asked how it is that conservatives are always concerned about States' Rights, until their guy is in office.  How is it that they are fine with Trump going after the States and cities through federal intrusion, but don't stomach it when Democrats do it?

It all goes back to Constitutional authorities.  States' Rights are about the States handling their own internal issues as reserved to them by the Constitution as per the Tenth Amendment and various other sections of the Constitution.

In the cases above, Trump's administration and the federal government are authorized to be involved. Conservatives are not cherry picking on States rights, CNN simply has no clue what they are talking about.  It's all a matter of understanding when something is a State issue, federal issue, or concurrent issue.  

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Anonymous said...

Maybe we need another Ellis Island to handle the immigration problem. Of course the left would scream that the poor , desperate folks seeking freedom are being made prisoners.