Sunday, January 22, 2017

Hating America through Anti-Trump Movement

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Tools. Mindless and obedient automatons.  Those are the most accurate words that come to mind when it comes to the foaming-at-the-mouth liberal left hysteria movement following the election and inauguration of President Donald J. Trump. The liberal left loons believe the ridiculous and obviously erroneous propaganda being spouted by the liberal media, Democrat politicians, and completely out-of-their-mind entertainment lefties, and like good little minions the Hillary Clinton supporting screaming-heads are acting out in a violent and vulgar manner against the election and inauguration of President Donald J. Trump. In truth, they remind me more of petulant children who didn't get their way because a knowing parent who understands the folly of their demands decided otherwise, than they do of anyone with any common sense or common decency.

My son, after attending a film at the local mall in Temecula, California, last night, came home to tell me about the twenty-somethings running around with desecrated America flags (shredded and torn) in the space between the mall and the movie theater shouting profanities about Trump, and anyone who supports his couple-days-old presidency.  Fresh out of high school, or likely in college, these children refuse to do their own research and instead have taken the hysterical leftist teachings of their educators to heart.  Through media and the entertainment industry, they have been taught to be angry, and to lash out when they don't get their way.  So, like hypnotized lackeys, they are out there making fools of themselves with their idiotic, and immature, rants and failed attempts at Saul Alinsky-style agitation.  A lifetime of indoctrination by a leftist educational system has done its damage.  Recent polls show the younger millennials leaning towards supporting communism, even though they really don't understand what the Marxist philosophies are really all about, and have no clue about the massive failure, and murderous atrocities, of Marxism not only in the Soviet Union, Cuba and Venezuela, but in places where the media has been more successful in hiding or glossing over the truth such as China, southeast Asia, and Central America.

The moronic and mindless temper tantrums are not only being seen committed by members of the younger generation who, fortunately, does not represent everyone in their age group, but also among the remainder of the liberal left progressive socialist commie bastard community.

A women's march in Washington D.C. has become nasty (as per Ashley Judd), and included Madonna throwing around the F-Bomb on live television, and she recommending that the White House be blown up (imagine if such things had been said after Obama first took office - the perpetrators would have been investigated for making terrorist threats against "The One").  Liberal left progressive socialist commie (peace, love, dope) tolerance, however, also emerged when they found out among their feminist ranks were pro-lifers.  Those who dare to speak out against the wholesale slaughter of innocent babies were thrown out of the orgy of hate.  How dare they disagree with the feminists on the satanic ritual of killing innocent and defenseless babies in the womb.

Among the protesters were also those who displayed ISIS flags, and beheading videos - a clear message encouraging the overthrow of the United States Government - again, activities that would have not been tolerated, and would have been investigated for treason, had it been right-of-center ralliers when Obama took office in 2008 (by the way, there were no disgusting displays of violence and hate by conservatives back then - and the few photos that the liberal left tried to provide as evidence to the contrary were quickly dismissed as Democrat Party and leftist infiltrators trying to make the Tea Party, and other conservative groups, look bad).

In California, the Democrats aren't satisfied with the Trump win, either, and believe they must double down on their indoctrination of the younger generations in public schools.  Enter, stage left, AB-155, which is explained as being a piece of legislation that would have teachers instructing students on how to recognize "fake news". . . in other words, teach them how to recognize and reject dissent against the liberal left totalitarian message.

While they won't admit it, what the liberal left Democrats want is for the liberal left's version of Hitler's Youth to emerge.

The anti-Trump freak-out even has the leftists trying to use Homeland Security to take over elections so that they won't lose another one in the future.  The Democrats truly desire to silence all dissent, and move America towards a tyrannical one-party system.

The leftist establishment is calling Trump illegitimate, and the Electoral College flawed - words they would have had no stomach for during the reign of Barack Obama.  When Republicans challenged Obama's claim of being a Natural Born Citizen, when Republican politicians worked to counter Obama's unconstitutional actions, or when claims that the Obama victories were the result of tampering with the ballots (with evidence to boot) and illegal aliens voting (and Obama actually called on illegals to vote in the 2016 Election) emerged, the Republicans and Conservatives were called anti-American.

Donald J. Trump won the 2016 presidential election.  When Obama won in 2008 and 2012 the right-of-center folks were not happy, but they were not cussing on live television, burning things, rioting, calling for blowing up the White House, saying things that might encourage an assassination attempt, or acting in a manner that is downright treasonous (such as shredding or burning the American Flag).  They rallied, formed a Tea Party to hold their own politicians accountable as well, and worked within the laws to create a movement that would bring about the election of a candidate that would work to return us to the American System.

Democrats seem not to understand that kind of decency, or fair play.  They are like the bully in the schoolyard lashing out against everyone because he has gotten to the point that he believes his own bull, and is so corrupt he could cheat at solitaire and not understand how it could possibly be cheating.

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Anonymous said...

The left and Nazi Germany is an excellent comparison. I offer a few examples: Anyone who disagreed with the Reich(LEFT) was(is) demonized as a liar, an agent of the Jews(righ wing nuts), or a tool of the special interests. Goon squads would show up at opposition rallies and provoke confrontations while the media portrayed the rallies and their participants as “angry mobs.” Wow have we seen this in recent weeks.

The Nazis also used the public school system to indoctrinate the next generation of Nazis. Parents who tried to teach their own values were denounced by their children. Politically incorrect views were criminalized. Opposing viewpoints were heavily censored.
I wrote the comparison of Nazi German and Obama's adminsitration on my blog some years ago (2009)