Monday, January 09, 2017

Hiring Holder Sign of California's Coming War Against Trump Administration

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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While some California liberal left Democrats have called for the Golden State to secede from the Union (Calexit), the left-wing radicals have decided it would be much better if they instead launched into an ideological war against the incoming Republican administration of Donald J. Trump.  The California liberal left utopia has a hard left Democrat governor, and a supermajority in both houses of the State Legislature - a development they would like to see at the federal level, and nationwide.  One of the foot soldiers in the ideological war California is preparing to wage against Trump is the recently hired former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

Leave it to the liberal left Democrats to claim that they will be under attack so they must attack first, after eight years of claiming it's the GOP that is divisive.

“Californians do not need healing,” Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon said last month during a swearing-in ceremony. “We need to fight.”

And fight, they will.

Violence through mob rule is what they Democrats are all about.  We've seen it with the Black Lives Matter riots, and the violent protests at Trump rallies during the election season.  Now, in California, the leftist utopia fears the Trump administration wants to dismantle their climate change, environmental, illegal alien, health nightmare, voting scam efforts - and they are willing to get down and dirty to protect their madness.  California Democrats plan to fight a war against the federal government, and separate themselves from the Trump administration as much as possible.  Problem is, California is already heading down a road to catastrophic failure, and if they turn their back on the federal government, the fall will be faster, and more severe.

The federal government provides $230 billion a year for programs.  Federal tax dollars pay the majority of the funding for California’s health and welfare programs.  I am not saying that is good, or constitutional - simply that if the Democrats want to keep their utopia funded, picking a fight with Trump may not be in their best economic interest.

California’s economy is an important part of the country's overall economic well-being, as well, so a successful California is in the Trump administration's best interest.  If the State was an independent nation, it would have the sixth largest economy in the world.

The path of the Democrats is destroying California's financial prowess, so while the California Democrats seek to wage war against the billionaire president, considering he seems to know how to run a business model better than they, perhaps California Governor Jerry Brown and the supermajority Democrats should be wooing the incoming chief executive of the country, instead.

Leftism discourages innovation and progress by attacking the free market, and individualism.  Trump has already proven his prowess in the private sector and using the market to encourage domestic growth.  Boeing, Ford and Fiat all serve as examples.

The largest fight between California and Trump will likely be regarding illegal immigration and the allowance of Muslim migrants into the country.  With a large illegal population in California, and a Democrat Party pandering to the illegals in a hope of gaining their votes once some kind of amnesty or pathway is approved, if the incoming flow is not stopped, the mass exodus from California of American workers and American wealth will not only continue, but increase.

Hiring Holder shows California bitterly clinging to a fantasy that somehow for the first time in history they will somehow make socialism and government control not fail in a catastrophic manner.  Problem is, reality, history, basic economics, and the Trump administration stands between the leftist Democrats and any reasonable sense of societal stability.

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