Friday, January 20, 2017

"I'm relieved," I told KMIR Television

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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"I'm relieved. After eight years of a president that has essentially ignored the constitution, and I am a constitution expert, that's my forte, I'm relieved that we might be going in a different direction," said Radio Host and Author Douglas V. Gibbs.

That's the quote the reporter decided to use in his story titled, "Coachella Valley Residents Prepare for Inauguration Day," as well as in the video he presented to the producers at KMIR Palm Springs.

He interviewed me after I gave a presentation regarding the U.S. Constitution, and the importance of preserving the Electoral College, at the Palm Springs Republican Women's Federated group's January Luncheon.  The lunch at Sammy G's was tasty, and the crowd was very receptive.

Vince Marino, the reporter from KMIR, was a lot of fun to work with, but I wondered if he was surprised about how easy we were to work with.  After all, the media tends to think that Republicans have ill tempers, and racist motives.  The allegation is all a bunch of poppycock, but media elites have come to believe their own B.S.

I also appreciated the fact that he gave the Banning-Beaumont-Cherry Valley Tea Party a shout-out.  The group hosted an energetic viewing party this morning beginning at 8:00 am.  Breakfast with such a fantastic group, while watching the inauguration, was an incredibly wonderful experience.

In addition to the Tea Party regulars, we were also visited by a local pastor, Terry Elliott, of the First Christian Church in Beaumont, California.  He also participated in a video we made, which will appear on Political Pistachio in the near future.

Overall, a majority of Republicans are "relieved" that not only is Trump the new President, but that the eight years of a grave error is over.  As for the liberal left?  They couldn't be reached for comment by this writer.  It seems that a good number of them would rather go out into the streets and cry, and scream, and protest, and burn things.

I wonder how the media would have reported it if conservatives had protested in a like manner in the streets of Washington D.C. when Obama was being inaugurated.

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