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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Inevitable Clash on Inauguration Day

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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We are finally removing the liberty-sucking tick from the White House.  However, we have to make sure we get it all, otherwise it'll become a festering sore.

Anti-Trump protesters head to Washington...

The liberal left is itching for a confrontation, not realizing it only confirms to Trump supporters why they voted for the billionaire.

Plan to blockade checkpoints, 'party' outside Pence home... 

What amazes me is their anger is rooted in propaganda by the Democrat Party and media/education minions who have made wild accusations about Donald Trump and Republicans without a shred of evidence, and in reality in complete opposition to the truth.

Commanding general of DC National Guard ordered removed from post...

The Obama administration is compliant.

Meet biker hosting biggest pro-Trump demo at inauguration... 

Ever notice there were not anti-Trump protests at "Bikers for Trump" rallies?

Motorcycle group will stand up to agitators... 

If there is a clash, the media will cherry-pick the images and spin it to make it look like the bikers started it, and were violent against the poor, peaceful leftist protesters.

Latinos to toast tequila to new president... 

My wife was born in Mexico, immigrated here legally, and naturalized in 2007 ... and she was a Trump supporter before I was.

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