Friday, January 20, 2017

Message to Never Trump Inauguration Protestors

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The mindless liberal lefties and formerly conservative Never Trump RINOs have been foaming at the mouth over Donald J. Trump becoming President of the United States.  They believe the unsubstantiated bullcrap being put out by the liberal media and Democrat Party about Donald Trump, fearing him, accusing him of being the next Hitler, calling him sexist and racist.

To those people I offer a challenge.

Are you going to believe what you are told, what you are taught, or what you can learn.

Rather than believe the rhetoric, how about using some of your own skills of logic and research.  Take a look at the man's history.  Notice that he's met with people like Rosa Parks and Al Sharpton, and that the charge of racism did not ever surface until Trump dared to run for office against the Democrats.  Notice that he spent his entire life around beautiful women, and has always had money that lawsuit hounds may wish to chase after, yet had never been accused of sexual impropriety until he dared to run against Hillary Clinton.

Don't be a mindless automaton believing everything you are told.  Research, and seek the truth.  The truth may surprise you.

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