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Pence Stands for Unborn Babies, But at Birth Choice Prayer Breakfast Missing Republicans

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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In Washington D.C. a large crowd participated in the national March for Life.  Vice-President Mike Pence and Senior Adviser to The President Kellyanne Conway spoke at the event, making them the highest White House officials to ever speak to a March for Life event:

For the first time in the history of the March For Life a sitting Vice President addressed the audience: “life is winning again in the United States of America”.
As the Trump administration was out defending the rights of babies to live, undercover video shows that Planned Parenthood lies about them focusing on services other than abortion - prenatal care at Planned Parenthood facilities is virtually non-existent.

Nonetheless, Democrat Party leftists and their allies do all they can to support and help fund abortion services facilities.

In my neck of the woods, the local pro-life pregnancy center is called Birth Choice of Temecula.  Last week we had a prayer breakfast sponsored by the facility.  I am a member of the board . . . the secretary, to be exact.

The last time I checked, standing against the murderous practice of abortion is a part of the Republican Party platform. The Temecula Valley has prided itself on being a conservative area, often called the new Orange County as we watch a once Republican dominated OC turn various shades of blue. The local politicians also consider themselves to be right-of-center... or, at least that's what they tell us.

The City of Temecula has continuously, and faithfully, shown support for Birth Choice.  Temecula usually has members of the city council at the various Birth Choice events, helps with funding, and works with the center regarding egregious legal assaults launched from Sacramento.  Murrieta, not so much.

Yesterday, at an impressively attended coffee meeting with Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, only one of the current city council members was in attendance - Jon Ingram.  To his credit he approached me afterward and told me he was embarrassed that Murrieta has not been a better support for Birth Choice.

After the loss of Harry Ramos in the election last November, an election during which all of the candidates for the Murrieta City Council portrayed themselves as being very conservative, the two least conservative won.  While incumbent Randon Lane talks a good Republican banter, and has served as leader of the County Republican Party, his voting record says otherwise. He consistently votes in line with regionalism, for example, which is a direct affront against local property rights.  The other questionable candidate and election winner was Kelly Serrato, who was one of the people who was behind the creation of the Riverside conservation Authority, one of the tools the minions behind sustainable development uses in Riverside County.

Conservatives like Bob Tyler, and Harry Ramos, we're hung out to dry by the voters leaving the council filled with, in my opinion, 4 questionable council members, and Jon Ingram who sometimes votes with the crowd and often confuses me with his choices, but nonetheless is now the most conservative member of the Murrieta City Council.

At the Birth Choice of Temecula prayer breakfast not a single current member of the Murrieta City Council made an appearance. Former candidates Bob Tyler, and Harry Ramos, were present and accounted for, however.  As a local conservative voter it begs me to ask, "Did the voters make a mistake in the election by not putting Tyler and Ramos on the city council instead of who they voted for?"

I'm curious what is going to happen in the next election.

Rick Gibbs is the longest standing member on the city council, and he's a big fish in a small pond. He loves the fact that he's the powerful guy, he's the one who really controls the city council, and his voting record shows us that while he claims to be a Republican, he has complete disregard for property rights and economically sound policies.  Alan Long, while I don't dispute the fact that he is a nice guy and wants to do the best he can for the city, is basically Rick Gibbs's little lackey.  He votes along with Rick every chance he gets, and in return Rick makes sure that Alan Long's error of a injury accident while intoxicated went away quietly.

I was told that the city council members had a good reason not to be at the prayer breakfast.  It's no longer election season.

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