Thursday, January 26, 2017

President William J. Clinton’s 1995 Speech to Congress on Illegal Immigration

By Capt Joseph R. John, January 26, 2017: Op Ed #332

Radical Leftist, Progressives, members of La Raza & SEIU, Socialists, the Muslim Brotherhood, Communists, 70 Democratic members of Congress, Soros Open Society Foundation paid demonstrators, and the left of center liberal media establishment have been demonstrating and complaining hysterically about President Donald J. Trump’s Illegal Alien initiatives.  The initiatives are designed to stop the massive influx of millions of Illegal Aliens and Middle East and Africa refugees who have been entering the United States over the last 8 years. 

For 8 years, the FBI was not allowed to vet the refugees from the Middle East and Africa to determine if they had ISIS terrorist ties.  The 94 Radical Islamic Terrorist attacks that killed hundreds of American citizens in the United States (2/3rd  of them in the last 4 years) were perpetrated by Middle East & African refugees or their descendants (many of those attacks are listed in the attachment).   

President Trump initiatives are designed to protect American citizens from millions of convicted criminal Illegal Aliens and suspected terrorists residing in over 300 Sanctuary Cities, to take action to try to prevent the type of terrorist attacks in the US over the last 8 years that have killed hundreds of Americans on US soil , and to free up employment opportunities for the 95 million unemployed American citizens who could fill millions of jobs that over 20+ million Illegal Aliens are currently filling (employed Illegal Aliens are either being paid under the table in cash, or are being paid very low wages by unprincipled business owners).    

President Trump will hire more US Border Patrol Agents, ICE Agents, and Custom & Border Protection Federal Law Enforcement Officers, will build a Border Wall to close the wide open southern border, will halt the entry of Middle East and Africa refugees  (until a screening process can determine if the refugees have terrorist ties, especially those from nations with terrorist groups internally), and to terminate Financial Aide to Sanctuary Cities that refuses to turn over thousands of convicted criminal Illegal Aliens to ICE Agents. 

Readers can watch a 1995 speech, given to a Joint Session of Congress, by President William J. Clinton, outlining his plan to prevent Illegal Aliens from entering the United States (it’s about 1 minute long).  There wasn’t an outcry against President Clinton’s Illegal Alien measures 22 years ago, when that Democratic President enacted many of the same measures to stop Illegal Immigration, that President Trump announced he also plans to enact today.  

The double standard by the left of center liberal media establishment continues unabated.

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