Monday, January 16, 2017

Rosie Epitomizes Intolerance of Democrats

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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We've heard it all, haven't we?  Trump is not their president.  The Democrats, or at least a dozen of them, are boycotting the inauguration.  The President-Elect is, according to them, a sexist, a racist, and some kind of new Hitler.  They pulled the same crap against Bush, too.  George W. Bush, according to the leftist media, was extremely unpopular, even though that was not necessarily completely the case.

When the Bush presidency was ending, we heard leftist reports of how the horribly totalitarian Bush wanted to use martial law to keep his power, and that the Republicans were intolerant, and that is why they did not accept Obama.  Obama, after all, was the new greatest thing, and the GOP would need to learn how to like him, or else be labeled racists.

The Republicans, conservatives, and Tea Party has not shown the kind of intolerance we are seeing from the Democrats.  And, the left would not have tolerated such a thing from the GOP, anyway.  The accusations have long existed that the Republicans "want" to be intolerant, and that they secretly are, but we've never seen the GOP act in a manner even similar to how the Democrats have been acting.  Could you even imagine  what the liberal left's response would have been if during the 2008 and 2012 campaigns hordes of anti-Obama protesters violently followed the Democrat candidate around at his rallies as the leftists did to Trump?  Could you imagine if the GOP Congressmen had cried out that Obama was not their president, as the Democrats are doing today about Trump?  How about if right-of-center actors in Hollywood used their time at the podium when receiving an award hammering on Obama, calling him out for the things they felt was un-American?  What would have happened if the non-Democrats had pulled the crap the leftists are pulling now against Trump and the Republican Party?

The latest from Rosie O'Donnell, a person who is definitely not a fan of Donald Trump, goes even farther. . . and if anyone on the right side of the political spectrum had ever uttered what she's saying, we would have never heard the end of it.

O'Donnell, out of her head over her hate for the idea of a Donald Trump presidency, has gone so far as to suggest using martial law to delay Trump's inauguration.

"I fully supporting martial law - delaying the inauguration - until Trump is 'cleared' of all charges," O'Donnell wrote on Twitter. She posted this along with a retweet that read, "How about imposition of Martial Law until Trump is cleared of all allegations?"

Charges?  Allegations?  With what evidence?

For Democrats, the seriousness of the charge is enough to consider any non-Democrat guilty.  If their allies in government or the media also say the allegations are possible, then they convince themselves the allegations must be true. . .even if they know that from the beginning the false charges were mustered up as pure fantasy from the very beginning.

Hillary Clinton is the biggest criminal ever to run for President.  Her lies, Clinton Foundation crimes, and the missing emails that placed our national security at risk, are just the tip of the iceberg.  Yet, Rosie is worried about the made-up bull crap that Russia interfered with the election and somehow favored a Trump win?

The thing is, first of all the idea that Putin would prefer Trump in office is ridiculous.  The Russian President had no restraints with the Democrats in control.  In fact, at one point Obama told Medvedev to tell Putin that he had more flexibility coming.  Would that not be reason enough for Putin to desire a Hillary Clinton win? From a standpoint of him being able to invade countries as he desires, Putin's preference would obviously be a Democrat in the White House.

Getting back to Rosie, think about what she is saying regarding martial law.  She believes that the election of Trump was not to her liking, so she is demanding a Nazi-style condition of martial law be imposed to stop his inauguration.

Could you imagine if any Republican had ever uttered such a dangerous thing prior to Obama taking office?

At what point did we become a totalitarian, one-party system where control through martial law is the way to force one's ideology upon everyone?  Do we not have a free system?  Is not opposing the Democrat Party's way of doing things just as acceptable as the Democrats opposing the Republican Party's way of doing things in our American system of liberty?

Rosie posted another tweet that read, "For Gods sake - delay the inauguration - Keith how can we make this happen," along with a retweet of Keith Olbermann.

O'Donnell also tweeted, "Donald Trump [must] not be sworn in - declare a national emergency - delay delay and investigate - save the nation."

Save the nation from what?  Moving away from the Marxism the Democrats offer?

Trump has not replied to any of O'Donnell's tweets. He did tweet, "Intelligence insiders now claim the Trump dossier is a 'complete fraud!' @OANN."

That is what is amazing.  The Democrats came up with the propaganda, and they've gotten to the point where they actually believe the stuff.  They created a false narrative, and now reject the idea that it might not be true.  Then, in the case of Rosie O'Donnell, they demand that Nazi-style martial law be used to protect that false narrative.

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