Monday, January 02, 2017

Trump's Right About Islam

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Democrats call Donald J. Trump, and the members of the Republican Party, racist.  Among the reasons for their accusation is the belief by right-of-center folks that we should not be allowing hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the country when persons who seek to commit violence against our citizens are mixed into that population, and it is pretty much impossible to filter out the jihadists.  They blend in on purpose.  It is a part of hijrah, jihad by immigration.

Trump began the conversation over Muslim migrants coming into the country as he entered the 2016 Presidential Campaign.  He said we need to stop the immigration of Muslims until we can figure out what is going on.  The Democrats argue that he said he wants to ban people because of their religion.  While Islam calls itself a religion, the part of the so-called religion where its followers support replacing the Constitution with sharia law, or support the waging of jihad against non-Muslim peoples, makes Islam more of a political ideology, than a religion.

Last month I met with Guy Milliere in Las Vegas.  He's a fellow of the Gatestone Institute, and the American Freedom Alliance (as am I).  When I asked about how easily Europe is falling under the deception of Islam, and how they are even unwilling to connect the increase of terrorist attacks to the increased number of Muslims in their countries, he said for France it is because of extreme political correctness.  In Germany, it's because of guilt.  After World War II, they've been unwilling to seem unaccepting to any people because of their guilt about what happened to the Jews at the hands of their country.

The American liberal left Democrats suffer from the same delusion.  They claim that even suggesting that terrorism and Islam are connected in any way is racist.  Therefore, in their minds, that makes Trump racist, and just another Hitler, for wanting to target a group as unacceptable to American Society.

Trump is not acting Hitleric, and he's not being racist.  Mixed into the Muslim refugee population are jihad age males, and in Europe the reality is that allowing hundreds of thousands (millions?) into their countries have increased terrorism  and strife in their countries.  So, why not cease to import the problem?  Why not become more strict on immigration when there are characters out there who mean us harm taking advantage of our weak immigration rules?

Do the Democrats not believe that ISIS is serious about their threat of creating a bloody and violent day during Trump's inauguration?    Did they doubt that Islamic groups were serious about attacking churches during the Christmas Season?  The liberal left, especially at the colleges, are bending over backwards to accommodate Islam, despite the fact that Muslims continuously spew their hatred of America, and non-Muslims.  History shows that kind of appeasement to be catastrophic.

As much as Trump gets it when it comes to the import of Muslims in the name of refugees being dangerous because of the jihadists mixed into the population of migrants, one wonders if he truly understands the true danger of Islam.  And even more worrisome is I wonder if he understands that the Democrats intentionally aided in the rise of ISIS. Or, that under the Obama regime, the Border Patrol has taken at least $15 million in bribes, which has allowed cartel members to smuggle drugs and people (many of whom were of Middle Eastern descent) across the border - which not only brings jihad into our country, but disease as well.

In the end, whether or not he fully understands the true danger behind Islam's quest for world domination, when it came to his comment about limiting the immigration of Muslims into the United States, Trump was exactly right. . . and that is one of the reasons his supporters voted for him.

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