Friday, January 27, 2017

Young Firestarter Protester A Celebrity Child

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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During the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States, protests by temper-tantrum throwing Democrats and anti-Trumpsters (Never Trump) were raging out of control.  At one point a Fox News reporter and cameraman came across a fire started by a young boy.  When the Fox News correspondent asked the kid why he started the fire, the defiant child answered because he wanted to and he said so proudly, and then he said he did it to show everybody [expletive that probably goes along with a particular finger] Trump.

My first thought was that he was an example of what the liberal left progressive socialist commie bastards have been doing to the younger generation through their leftist indoctrination methods in schools and in the entertainment industry.  Then, my second thought was, "Where are the parents?"  After all, it was getting late in the evening, yet the boy was running around with a bunch of hateful and destructive snowflakes and Marxists.  I guessed the parents were in the crowd of idiot leftists somewhere, with flowers in their hair and a communist manifesto in their back pocket.

The child, however, has turned out not to be the brat of a bunch of tree hugging leftist hippies left over from the seventies radical era.  Instead, he turned out to be the son of an entertainment type that claims to be a libertarian and conservative, but apparently his kid has gone off the Never Trump deep end.

Who's the daddy, you ask?

Drew Carey.

You know the guy, right?  Big smile.  Drew Carey show.  Host of the upgraded version of What's My Line.  Current host of “The Price is Right.”

TMZ reported that “Drew Carey's son is the mystery kid” from the Trump protest, and that 11-year-old Connor “regretted his choice of words.”

Probably got caught up in the moment, and then realized daddy might see the footage.

Young kids run on emotions until they are about 25, as it is.  Their decision making capabilities are dead during the period between child and adult.  This is why the Democrats go after the young.  They can't rationalize a reasonable decision until they are much older.  College kids protest, and adults (unless they are Marxist) set the emotions aside and begin to think about the consequences of too much government intrusion.  That's why if you are young and not a Democrat you have no heart, and old but not a Republican then you have no brain.

Hopefully Drew can intervene before the rest of Hollywood pulls his child into the Borg collective.  Otherwise, Conner will be just another mindless tool doing the bidding of the leftist leadership and media cronies.

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