Sunday, February 26, 2017

Case of the Nonsensical Peanut

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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On Sunday Night my wife, after her shift was over at her place of employment, wanted to go out and eat at one of the local establishments.  Three of our seven grandkids live in our house with us, and while we love the fact that the children (4, 6, and 9) live with us, every once in a while it is nice to just get away.  So, we headed to a steakhouse in neighboring Menifee, Texas Roadhouse, and waited for about a half hour, or so, for a booth.  The place is always packed, especially at about 6:00 pm, which is when we walked in.

The meat and potatoes restaurant is among the better ones in the area, especially for Menifee, and is one of those places that serves peanuts while you wait for your meal.  Personally, I love peanuts, and munched on quite a few.  My wife spent more time eating the complimentary bread, and our Cactus Blossum (onion petals).

Peanut shells, by the evening, form a layer on the floor at the Texas Roadhouse restaurant.  Everyone knows that the place is full of peanuts. It's common knowledge.

As we were completing our meal, and waiting for our check, a couple came in and sat near us.  Immediately, the woman shouted at the hostess who had led them to their table, "He's allergic to peanuts, get them away, get them away!"

My first thought was, "If you are allergic to peanuts, why would you come here to eat?"

If I was allergic to something, the last place I would go to dine would be a place covered with whatever I am allergic to.

Why?  Why, if he is allergic to peanuts, did they choose to eat at the Texas Roadhouse?  RJ's Sizzlin' Steer is about ten minutes down the road in Murrieta, and they don't serve peanuts, and in my opinion, are slightly better when it comes to the quality of the steaks.

Either, the person is not a clear thinker, they didn't know that peanuts were being served, or the couple decided to visit Texas Roadhouse because they were hoping for an excuse for a lawsuit.

To me, the nonsensical peanut case sounded a lot like the gay couple who asked a Christian baker to bake a homosexual wedding cake.  They knew that there was a baker up the street that would bake their cake, but they chose the Christians, cried when they wouldn't bake the cake, sued them, forced them to lose their business, and the Christian couple who owned the bakery wound up declaring bankruptcy.

Why didn't they just go to the baker up the street?

Either, they were not clear thinkers, they didn't know the Christians would not bake the cake, or they were hoping for a lawsuit.

In the latter case I think it was the latter reason.

And they call conservatives the fascists?

As for the peanuts...I am not sure I was more alarmed by the fact that a guy with peanut allergies would enter such an establishment, or how snotty his girlfriend was when she saw the bucket of peanuts on the table.

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