Thursday, February 09, 2017

I thought the future was genderless...

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Hillary Clinton still believes she is somehow relevant in American Politics.  I figured they understood that they, the Clinton Crime Family, had no more political pull or influence after her loss to Donald J. Trump, which was why the Clinton Foundation closed its doors shortly after Hillary realized she wasn't a shoe-in for the White House, after all.  How can you take money from wretched characters who want you to do their ill-will in the American Government when you no longer have any say in the matter, and your private server for sending secret messages has been shut down, or wiped clean, or whatever happened to it?

The Wicked Witch from Arkansas, or New York, or wherever she decides to hang her broom, still believes people care about what she has to say, so in a speech on a video likely appreciated by dozens of women wearing pink hats with vaginas plastered above the bill of the cap, Hillary praised the "Women's March" on Washington D.C. in protest against the inauguration of President Donald Trump, and proclaimed in the video, "Despite all the challenges we face, I remain convinced that, yes, the future is female."

They say the "Women's March" drew about 500,000 women, many of whom were actually there just to pick up a lesbian date.  Afterwards, they left their trash and signs on the side of the road in a united stance to show their love for the environment.

After the last eight years, with homosexuality, gender confusion, and everyone discovering that they really don't know which bathroom to use, I thought it was interesting that Hillary said the future is female.  Does that not contradict the liberal left narrative that calling people male or female is hateful, and that the future is genderless?  Is this why Hillary Clinton lost the election?  Was she so caught up in believing that she was
destined to be President of the United States because she has lady-parts that she forgot about the poor, mistreated, discriminated guy with a well-trimmed black beard, fishnet stockings, and a great set of honkers?

Maybe the rallying cry of the next Democrat presidential candidate should be, "let's make America metro-sexual again."

In truth, what Hillary Clinton, and the out-of-their-mind Democrats, don't seem to realize is that what they are saying, and how they are acting, is what led to the election of Donald J. Trump.  People are sick of the insanity, sick of the political correctness, and sick of the deception and temper tantrums being put out there by the liberal left loonies.  America was built on the idea of liberty, individualism, and everybody having a unique opinion about the world around them.  As a constitutionalist, I really don't care if they disagree with me.  It's fine.  That's what makes America tick.  While the Democrats run around screaming about too much sugar in sodas, not enough sugar between people of the same sex, and desiring to legalize the things that lead to people snorting stuff that looks like sugar up their nose, I want to kick back and enjoy my rare, extra thick slab of dead cow, puff on my tobacco, and tell jokes about the girly-men running around until the jackasses come home to roost.  That's my right, my opinion, and my desire.

Meanwhile, Democrats, instead of going around starting fires and mouthing crap you would never have allowed Republicans to say, rally like the Tea Party did, instead of acting like a bunch of domestic terrorists.  Enjoy the next four to eight years of great hair, a business-like approach to running the country, and plenty of time thinking about what you did wrong.  Perhaps, if you'll just quit whining, or quit yelling, that the future is female, or genderless, or whatever you think it is supposed to be, you'll realize that in reality, thanks to pretty much everybody in the country except a whole bunch of knuckleheads who live in the Northeast, Chicago, and on the West Coast, the future is American. . . red-blooded, red-white-and-blue, blood-sweat-and-tears American with a system that says "come on into our country. . . all we ask is that you submit to a few questions and health exams, and shed your foreign loyalties so that you can properly be patriotically assimilated.

Oh, and next time you decide to march on Washington D.C., pick up your damn signs.  The Tea Party didn't leave their crap around on the street like that.  Jeez.  Have some respect for yourselves.

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Bigfoot said...

If the future is female, what happens to the other 57 genders?