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The end of ISIS won't be the end of Islamic Jihad

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Islam is an enemy older than the existence of the United States.  Islam attempted to takeover Europe once before, but the Christian Crusaders stopped the invasion, and turned back the barbaric raiders as they reached towards Vienna and up through Spain towards France.  The United States fought Islam in the Barbary Wars under Thomas Jefferson and James Madison because Muslim pirates were seizing our vessels and forcing the United States to pay a tribute in order to navigate international waters that the Muslim caliphate had claimed to be its own.  Islam has slaughtered populations over and over in history.  Armenia, about one hundred years ago, serves as a glaring example of a Muslim empire targeting, and slaughtering, an entire Christian population it believed to be in its way to spreading into a larger empire.  The Ottomans sided with Germany, and the Muslims sided with Hitler.  And, today, Islam continues to thirst for global domination.

ISIS is only the latest symptom of a disease that is many centuries old.  We are told the end of ISIS is near, but the end of ISIS will not spell the end of Islamic terrorism, or the end of the war against a psychotic ideology that is much more fierce than the Nazis or the communists ever dreamed of being.

Once ISIS is gone, and al Qaeda is finally erased, another super-terror group will rise up. . . because that is what Islam does.

According to news reports, ISIS holds only two major positions in Iraq.  Over the span of the campaign against ISIS, about 50,000 ISIS fighters have been killed or captured.  Reports reveal the fighters are beginning to become disheartened.  Defeat tells them that they are no longer under Allah's will.  This means they will head out to Europe and America, back behind enemy lines to create chaos in another way, to serve as lone-wolves determined to carry out their Islamic jihad.

Peace may poke its head up for a moment, but it will be an illusion.  There is no peace with Islam; only an opportunity for them to regroup, and reload.  A new terrorist group, or the reincarnation of an old one, will emerge again.  It will come out of Iraq, or Syria, or Iran, or Saudi Arabia, or Pakistan, or Yemen, or somewhere else.  There are over fifty possibilities around the world in Muslim-majority nations to choose from.

ISIS will vanish, and the vacuum will be filled again by an even fiercer, larger, better funded, and more determined foe.

The new Muslim terror groups will be like Tom Cruise's character in the movie, "Edge of Tomorrow."  Live. Die. Repeat.  Each time they die, and re-form, they learn from the previous life.  The next group may learn from the previous group's mistakes.  Maybe they won't rape, pillage and massacre, at first.  Maybe they will realize the violence is what exposes them.  Perhaps they will try to win the hearts and minds of their captured populations.  Perhaps they will better indoctrinate the youth, or find better ways to blame all that is not Islamic for the plight of the Muslim peoples in order to stir up more hatred against the infidel among Muslim communities.

Muslims only know violence.  They have been taught to fight or die for their false prophet Muhammad.  At what point do they begin to doubt their religion?  At what point do they realize they are nothing but a community of pretenders, unable to separate reality from the brainwashing they've received since babies?

A friend of mine who is originally from Iran says Christianity is the fastest growing religion in his former home nation.  I've heard the same about other Muslim countries.  Could it be that some Muslims are tired of the violence and hate, and wish for nothing more than to escape the madness and reach out for the God of Love?

Between the corruption, totalitarian control, and violence perpetrated by the Islamic leadership, a growing uneasiness among the younger generation of Muslims is emerging.  The entire Middle East may be more of a time bomb than we realize.  Islamic leaders are unwilling to realize the growing challenges of dissent in the populations they control, or the reality that from within the seeds of defeat are being sown.

Is it possible that the younger generation who represents the bulk of jihadists are also the tool we can use to end the terror coming out of the Muslim World in the Middle East?

The unfortunate thing is it is never safe to assume that peace is possible.  Islam is all about deception.  They fabricate to gain ground.  Terror groups are merely a symptom of a much larger problem.  Despite the fragility of devotion to Allah in the younger ranks, Islam is determined to continue their journey towards global governance, and the elimination of anyone and everyone who dares to reject Muhammad as the one and only true prophet.

While the politicians seek political remedies, the true remedy may be to carefully massage the doubt that exists in the minds of the younger generation, to encourage the younger generation in their slow realization that there may be more to life than devotion to violence and jihad.  I am not saying we should abandon military operations, but we must realize that the fighting is simply fuel for the Muslim jihad.  Victories are the will of Allah, and defeat is Allah telling them to regroup and reload.  But, what if they realize Allah is not who they think he is?  What if the ruling elite loses the youth, and loses grip on their control of the Muslim population that is not necessarily simply moderates as some claim, but Muslims who realize something is wrong and deep inside their souls they consider themselves "non-practicing" Muslims?

The Islamic hardliners will never change.  They must be defeated.  And, even if they are, that doesn't mean the war is over.  The Ottoman Empire was defeated in World War I, and broken up into little pieces, but it still exists as a new caliphate, as a new empire, as a new terror group.  Defeating ISIS does not defeat the hardliners, but the hardliners can be weakened if we can wage a second war, a war for the souls, hearts and minds of the younger Muslim generation.  Some cannot be reached, but I have met way too many former Muslims to believe that at least a significant number can't be convinced to turn against what they have always known when it comes to Islam, and lead them to a belief system that includes loving thy neighbor, and yes, loving and forgiving one's enemy.

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