Saturday, March 25, 2017

CRA Convention: Day 1

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The convention thing is new to me.  As much as I am involved in local and national politics, I've never had the opportunity to be a part of a convention, be it of a political party, or an organization like the California Republican Assembly.  On this trip, however, I am a voting delegate, and the President of my local unit is going to nominate me for a district officer position.

Check-in was a breeze. I am kind of a paranoid person when it comes to whether or not others are as attention oriented as I am, so to be safe, I had brought my printed receipts for the convention.  No fear was necessary. Not only was my name on the list, despite my deep down fears, but my name tag was laying right there on top.  Easy to find, easy to issue, and away I went.

Meeting people was fun, though it was refreshing that I bumped into at least twenty people I already know, many from Orange County and Los Angeles, thanks to my public speaking thing I do. At the board meeting I learned quite a bit, but I could see how people could get bored - making the term "board meeting" a double-entendre.

The reception was kind of funny.  Free drinks for those seeking alcohol.  I had one beer before dinner, and a glass of white wine after dinner - marking Friday Night as a day of the year in which I drank more than usual.  As my joke goes, I have more fingers than beers I drink per year.  I don't mind a cold beer or a Margarita, every once in a while, but I am not one to indulge in alcohol very often.

The dinner was pretty good, though our lunch at Le Roy's in Monrovia on the way was much better.  Le Roy's, by the way, was packed.  Good food, low price, great environment.

Jim Patterson, a local State Assemblyman, was the speaker, and gave a very good "never give up" speech that was heartening to a Republican crowd here in California who lives under the reality that the Democrats have a super-majority, and run this State like it is a single party totalitarian socialist utopia.  I met him after the event to shake hands, to thank him for such a great speech, give him a business card, and tell him I am friends with one of his conservative colleagues, Melissa Melendez.

The entertainment during dessert was a local Elvis impersonator, and local candidate for Congress.  Republican, of course.  He was fun, entertaining, and coming from me whose mother cried excessively when Elvis Presley died in the seventies, I have to say the guy was pretty good.

Day two will begin with breakfast in a little while with a couple of my colleagues, one of which is Kevin who is pictured in the image to your right with the red tie (picture taken on election day, 2016). Then, the fun begins.

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