Friday, March 03, 2017

Draining the Swamp of Bureaucrats and Enemy Staffers

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Trump's leaks from within are being perpetrated by Obama administration holdovers, and other liberal left staffers who man the proverbial fourth branch of government, the administrative branch.  These people are not elected, and never seem to leave.  This year's staffer for a Republican Congressman may have worked for a Democrat last year.  They are the keepers of the system, the readers and interpreters of bills, and the true controllers of the establishment.  And, the leftwing staffers and bureaucrats remaining in the federal government are as out of their mind crazy as the ones we've seen rioting, or throwing temper tantrums like petulant children against the changing of the guard in the White House to President Donald J. Trump.  Therefore, Trump needs to make a decision.  He needs to cut federal positions.  It will assist in draining the swamp, while also reducing federal expenditures that are often unconstitutionally being spent, anyway.

According to Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning, President Trump needs to get rid of “rogue bureaucrats [who] are not serving the American people” by “cutting the personnel budgets of non-defense civilian departments and agencies, reducing the enacted full-time equivalent number for each department, agency and office by 10 to 20 percent reduction in the workforce on a last-one-in, first-one-out basis,” according to a statement released recently.

“By now it should be abundantly clear to the Trump administration that there are Obama administration holdovers in the 1.3 million non-defense, civilian federal workforce who have no other intention than to politically damage the White House,” Manning said.

In short, the Obama holdovers are sabotaging the Trump administration, be it through secretly circulating emails among fellow ideologically committed members of the federal bureaucracy plotting strategy, or by working behind the scenes with Democratic legislators to create out-of-the-ordinary bureaucratic actions, to leaking confidential documents to the press.

A number of federal bureaucrats are expanding the means by which they are resisting the policies of President Trump.

The acts of sabotage and the leaking of information are clearly being acted upon in order to hamper the effectiveness of the Trump administration, and create a scenario where the Trump administration can either be overthrown, or weakened so badly that reelection is impossible.

“The Obama bureaucrats’ brazen determination to overturn the will of the people is shocking and drives home the need for systemic civil service reform, including reining in the power of public employee unions which poison the non-partisan well that civil servants used to operate in,” Manning said to Breitbart News about the Twitter accounts of federal bureaucrats seeking to undermine President Trump’s agenda.

“If you go down the list of current management at USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services), probably 80 percent are open-borders left-wing ideologues,” a source, who has worked at the Department of Homeland Security for more than a decade and supports President Trump’s agenda, told Breitbart News.

“USCIS probably has the most violent anti-border people in the United States. These are in the management. These do not believe in borders. I know them personally,” the source said.

“The whole reason the District of Columbia was created without voting rights or representation was so that those who work for the federal government would not wield political power. They are supposed to be neutral. Working for the government is a privilege, not a right, and it’s time that President Trump remind them by removing Obama administration hires, particularly if there is no other way to root out subversive employees,” Manning said in his statement:

The sabotage of the Trump administration, or any GOP presidency, was begun long before the last presidential election season.  President Obama changed civil service rules to make it easier to hire federal employees, enabling him to flood the system with his people.  Trump temporarily halted the rules when he initiated his hiring freeze.  However, the federal rules in place also make it extremely difficult to fire civil servants. It is a process that can take up to two years, even when there is cause.
“Taken together, a comprehensive civil service reform can only possibly be accomplished in the context of the upcoming continuing resolution and budget process, by simply not appropriating monies for the same number of full-time equivalent employees as last year, and defunding preferences for rehiring previously laid off personnel. Not only can’t Trump do it alone, Congress should step up to the plate exercising their Article I powers and rein in this rogue administrative state,” Manning concluded in his statement.

The problem is, a massive overhaul of the fourth branch of government would take more than the eight years that Republicans hope Trump is in office, which means to finish the job the GOP will need to get Vice President Mike Pence, or another Republican in favor of reducing the size of the federal bureaucracy, into the presidency in 2024.  Of course, any reduction is seen as an act of war by the liberal left, and the propaganda arm about how the government's reduction will hurt the average person will be be in full swing.

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