Sunday, March 05, 2017

It's Working, Illegal Immigration Dropping

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Trump burst on the political scene because of his tough talk about immigration, and more specifically, illegal aliens.  He called for the building of a border wall.  My wife, a legal immigrant from Mexico, was talking about a wall before Trump was.  The moment Donald J. Trump mentioned wanting to secure the border in such a way, my wife said, "That's my guy."

I was a Scott Walker supporter, at that point.

For someone like my wife, illegal entry into the United States being treated in a manner other than the crime that it is is a slap in her face.  Why should someone be able to break the law, and not be subject to an immigration process designed to protect the receiving population?  How is that kind of cutting in line fair to someone like my wife who, even after coming here as a child when her parents immigrated here, and legally growing up in this country, had to go through a three year process as an adult before being granted citizenship?  Meanwhile, illegal aliens get benefits up to the neck.

Mexico has a sealed southern border with razor wire, armed guards, and guard towers.

As Trump's presidency approached in January, and after the inauguration, illegal immigration plummeted.  The illegal crossings in January of 2017 was at its lowest for that month since January of 2012.

The less captured, the less crossing.


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