Friday, March 24, 2017

Maryland School Rape by Illegal Alien

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Inside Rockville High School in the State of Maryland a 14-year-old girl was brutally gang-raped by two boys, ages 17 and 18.  It's bad enough that the rape happened in the first place, but the real ticker is that the rapists are illegal aliens.  What did Maryland think was going to happen with their "sanctuary" policies in place that they have?

"I'm very mad. I can't believe this is happening in my kids' school,” said a parent who identified herself only as Liz. “There are a lot of people here that maybe don't belong here. They haven't been checked out and I really need to know that my kids are safe."

“I know that if this country enforced the laws that are already on the books those two young men would not have been here and this rape, this horrendous rape, would not have occurred" said another Montgomery County parent.

At Rockville High School older students are often in the same classes with the younger classmates because of their language deficits.

"This is not an issue that we're going to move to the political level, although a lot of people want to do it,” said Jack Smith, superintendent of Montgomery County Public Schools. “The fact is, these students were not in the same class, but many students between the 9th and 12th grades are in the same classes, in the same band class, in the same world language class, same play after school."

Robin Ficker, an attorney who attended the meeting, said officials do not seem to grasp the situation.

“The mood was simply, 'cover our reputation,'” Ficker said. "There were long speeches from the principal, from the superintendent, from others who were associated with them explaining why this could never have happened when it did. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound to cure it.”

The community is one of several in Maryland considering formal adaptation of sanctuary status which would put them at odds with federal immigration laws, and immigration enforcement.

“You have young adult males that really do not have our culture and you are putting them in the same classroom as our 14-year-old girls and they are saying, 'There is nothing we can do about that – sorry,'” said community member Theresa Rickman.

Montgomery County Public Schools has a "don’t ask, don’t tell" policy regarding illegals in the school system.”

“We do not conduct background checks on any of our students. There is no provision in the law for that,” said Montgomery County Public Schools spokesperson Gboyinde Onijala, “We have students in our district that are US citizens that commit crimes and/or come to our schools with criminal records.”

When asked why the school district is resisting calls to examine its policies with regards to illegal immigrants, Onijala turned on the questioner.

“The U.S. Supreme Court… requires that schools not take any action that may discourage participation or exclude students based on their immigration status," Onijala said. "It is appalling that Fox News and others are insisting on making this a conversation about immigration when the focus should be on the victim… This is a crime that could be committed by anyone—white, black, Asian, Hispanic, documented and undocumented.”

Montgomery County, with a population of 1 million, voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton on Election Day. More than half its residents identify themselves as black, Hispanic, Latino, Asian, Pacific islander, or an ethnicity other than non-Hispanic white, according to the 2010 census.

The Trump administration has promised to crack down on illegal immigration during his time in the White House, and Homeland Security has made clear that just about any immigrant in the country illegally could be deported.

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Bigfoot said...

This happened pretty much in my (figurative) back yard. The local and national media don't seem to have much to say about it.

As a side note, Robin Ficker has run, unsuccessfully, for Congress quite a few times.

JG said...

California is even more vulnerable to bad political leaders and recently proposed "bad" laws.

For example, proposed Senate Bill 6 allocates $12 million taxpayer general funds to illegals to fight deportation. Senate Bill 54 makes the State of California a Sanctuary city. Potential federal funding loss to California? $25 BILLION.

You might think that the politicians in the State Capitol would vote in support of the everyday legal citizen for a change? No! They are instead listening to the self-serving lobbyists and special interest groups (social workers, non-profits who support illegals, the teachers union and school administrators, trial lawyers, etc.).