Monday, March 27, 2017

Quotes that Caught My Attention at the CRA Convention in Fresno, CA

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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I spent Friday, Saturday and much of Sunday in Fresno at my first California Republican Assembly convention, and I wrote down a few quotes by speakers that caught my attention...

Jim Patterson, California State Assemblyman, "We can save California...we've been through this will take tough decisions...history comes to people who are prepared and ready...stay the course, keep the faith, keep working, elections matter, ideas have consequences...Margaret Thatcher said, 'First you win the argument, then you win elections'...we are on the side of the argument that wins...we can do it again...what America has done in life, historically, time after time, has echoed in eternity.  And we have an obligation to be the salt and light that changes hearts and minds and wins the argument and wins the election, and changes history for the better...Winston Churchill: Never, never, never, never, ever give up."

Shannon Grove, a three-term assemblywoman who is now seeking a State Senate seat, said, "The body of Christ needs to engage in the civic arena."

Tim Donnelly, California State Assemblyman and former candidate for Governor of California, "My journey has been to give God the Glory."

Jim Shoemaker, CRA Vice President, San Joaquin County Republican Candidate for various local offices, "Remember, we wear the armor of God."

Supervisor/Vice Chair of the California Republican Party, Kristin Olsen, " get much more assertive, and much more aggressive, in exposing the failures of the Democrat Party in our State of California; and the childish tirades that Senator Gaines has been talking about, that has been happening literally since the day after the election."

Spencer Sims of the South Los Angeles Inglewood Republican Assembly, after riding his bicycle from South Los Angeles to Fresno, "That was a long ride.  I might not ride back."  He rode the train back.

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