Thursday, March 30, 2017

Senate Hearing Regarding Russian Intelligence Activities Underway

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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I find it fascinating that after many decades of Republicans warning that the Soviet Union, and now Russia, is an enemy of the United States and are working to compromise our system of liberty and expand their reach on the world stage, and the Democrats saying that the GOP was overreacting, suddenly, when it serves their purposes, the Democrats view Moscow as a legitimate enemy to the United States.

McCarthy's efforts to continue the sweep of communists out of our country after the end of World War II was met with opposition by the Democrat Party and their allies.  During the Vietnam War the minions of the Democrat Party sided with the communists, claiming that it was the Americans that were the problem, and then orchestrated a political loss for the United States regarding the war.  Ronald Reagan standing firm against the Soviet Union was met with heavy Democrat Party criticism, and when the Berlin Wall fell, the Democrats refused to admit it was the result of Republican strategies.

Yet, now the Democrats are nodding their heads as Dr. Roy Godson, Professor of Government at Georgetown, recounts the history of Russian attempts to interfere with our country's political mechanisms, and how the effectiveness of Moscow's apparatus to influence our country has increased - despite the lack of any evidence showing without a shadow of a doubt that the Democrat Party's accusations are true.

Any conversations with Russian officials are now seen by the Democrats as treasonous (unless it was by a Democrat).  The narrative was used throughout the election, accusing the Russians of influencing the election, and doing so because they desired Donald Trump to be President of the United States.  The long list of Russian atrocities includes a majority of items listed that basically exposed the Democrats acting illegally, and that was enough to anger the Democrats bad enough that they decided they must investigate Russia's attempts to interfere.  And as they do so, out of the side of their mouths they are shouting, "This will bring down the GOP."

As all of the hullabaloo claiming "The Russians Did It" is going on, the Democrats continue to deny they used surveillance against Donald Trump, or illegally wiretapped Trump Tower.

Three questions.  First, if the Trump Tower was not wiretapped, how was General Flynn wiretapped at Trump Tower?  Second, why would the Russians want Trump to be President when it is the Democrats who are weak on national security and it is during Democrat presidencies that Russia benefits most (i.e. South Ossetia, Crimea and Ukraine with no repercussions during Obama administration)?  Third, if the Democrats were using illegal surveillance against the Trump campaign that could be viewed as being Watergate-esque, would not the accusations that Russia did it be cover fire enough to distract everyone from the truth?

In politics, especially when it comes to the leftist Democrats, nothing is ever what it seems.  They lie, they cover-up, and they scheme.

The great deception has now expanded into a Senate Hearing that is simply designed to cover-up the criminal activities of the Democrat Party, while creating a projection that the GOP is actually the party of criminality.  In other words, the Democrats are willing to lie any lie, and create any deception, to get back their power they lost in the 2016 election.

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