Friday, March 17, 2017

VA Fights Putting Up Trump Pictures

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Brian Mast, Republican congressman and Army veteran, noticed that his VA facility in Florida did not have pictures of President Trump and Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin on the wall in the lobby.  To resolve the problem, he demanded they be installed, but to no avail.  (The request was caught on camera).

So, Mast put up his own.  However, within hours the leadership at the VA hospital demanded that the pictures be taken down, and they were.

The reasoning was that the photos could not be authenticated, and there is a protocol for putting up pictures, and Mast had not followed those protocols.

A VA spokeswoman said that the congressman’s actions and the actions of the veterans who accompanied him were "inappropriate."

She said that portraits on display at the VA need to come from the central office.

Mast took to Twitter and Fox News to voice his disappointment, and once America saw what was happening, Americans went into action.

The uproar and outrage is reaching maximum penetration. . . but the VA has yet to put the pictures back up.  They can only resist common sense and common decency for so long, right?

Could you imagine if the same had happened early during the Obama Presidency?  Heads would have been rolling.

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