Thursday, April 13, 2017

Across the Gray Line

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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I am constantly working on new projects to add to my current list of books.  Among the projects I am currently working on are "A Tyrant's Guide to Killing Liberty" (which tackles Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx head on), "A Promise of Liberty" (a new textbook designed to be used in connection to my work with the Congress of Racial Equality, the Revival Home School Satellite Program, and after-school programs to be presented in the coming months to public and private schools), "A Promise of Economic Freedom" (an American Economics textbook I am working on to be used in the Revival Home School Satellite Program during the second semester), and "Judicial Stronghold: The Nine Cases That Changed The Constitution" (a close examination of the nine cases under Chief Justice John Marshall that were the most devastating against the U.S. Constitution).  My goal is to get all of them completed (but, I am not holding my breath on that one) by the end of the year.

Sometimes, I need to take a break on what I am writing.  This morning, I woke up with an idea heavy on my mind, and then sat down and wrote nearly half of the book.  So, I am guessing in the near future my next book will be that project.  I have titled it: "Across the Gray Line".

To stir up some interest among you, my loyal radio show listeners and the readers of my Facebook Pages and Political Pistachio blog, here's the description I wrote for the new book:
When the United States emerged from the American Revolution, and later from the Constitutional Convention of 1787, the world saw the new country as "The Great Experiment."  Self-governance without a powerful head of state, and with a union of autonomous States who retain authority over the issues that influences their internal order and act as "parents" over the central Federal Government was seen as a potential failure.  Political leaders across the Atlantic Ocean stated it would only be a matter of time before the petulant English Colonists came crawling back to the protective arms of the British Empire.  The United States would be the first country in history carefully crafted, and intentionally designed to withstand the onslaught of political elitism, and the coaxing persuasion of tyranny orchestrated by a central ruling class.  Once launched, the United States catapulted from the status of a third world country to the envy of the world.  The U.S. became a shining light on the hill that other countries may emulate, if they chose to do so.  America prospered, and became the greatest superpower in the history of the world with an economy capable of supporting the country's new status. 
The forces of tyranny began their assault against the American model of government the moment the founding fathers stepped out of the Constitutional Convention, and strolled across the grassy hill outside.  Through political influence and judicial activism the forces who wish to move America away from the light on the hill and to a gray state of utopianism have been working tirelessly to move the United States "Across the Gray Line". 
This book examines the issues one by one, separating comparisons of the visions of the issues regarding our American System into four groups.  Group 1 is based on the principles and philosophies of the U.S. Constitution and the writings of the Framers of the Constitution.  Group 2 is the Apocalyptic Vision we often see in the writings of journalists, and science fiction writers, of what a society would look like if the gray forces of tyranny were to have their way and send America Across the Gray Line.  Group 3 is the Marxist Vision of socialists, communists, and other followers of the writings of Karl Marx on the issues at hand.  Group 4 is an examination of the modern day attempts we see in play on the current political stage which are designed to move us away from our foundation; and the progressive political wing's reasoning behind those changes. 
The data presented in "Across the Gary Line" is a convincing cross-examination that exposes today's leftwing progressive movement's true motives, and how their narrative is nothing new, and in truth is an age-old recipe for killing liberty, and forcing a free system Across the Gray Line into a condition of fading light and bondage.
Stay tuned.  When it's ready, I will let you know...

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