Friday, April 21, 2017

Berkeley's Intolerance Cancels Ann Coulter

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The tolerance, or lack thereof, of the liberal left snowflakes is remarkable.  They claim to be tolerant, yet exhibit the actions of tyranny.  They are doing anything and everything they can to silence any opposition to their point of view.  These are the same tactics of all tyrannies in history.  The fascists, communists, and all other totalitarian dictatorships.  Yet, they claim it is their opposition who are the fascists and tyrants.

In Berkeley, at the University of California, a hot-bed for leftist ideology, any and all conservative speakers are being threatened, and the each of the speeches have been canceled under the threat of violent rioting.  Are those the actions of freedom, or Marxist revolution?

The problem is, UC-Berkeley, and other colleges, will continue to cancel speeches that disagree with their ideology (like they did to the April 27 Ann Coulter speech), because they are either too fearful, or they are complicit.

While Berkeley says they are trying to negotiate a new date for Coulter, the failure to do so is no surprise.

Not only is she the political opposition, but also all they have to do is refer back to the Milo Yiannopoulos riots, where masked, rock-throwing thugs led the evening to 20 arrests and fights in the streets.

Many of the protesters, by the way, are non-students.

So, the campuses, if they really wish to be the location of free-thought they claim to be, would do what they could to ensure anyone the opportunity to speak.  Let the students be who they want to be, but that is a two-way street.
Berkeley’s move to cancel Coulter follows the Black Lives Matter disruption of a UCLA speech by the Manhattan Institute’s Heather Mac Donald, and efforts to muzzle her the next night at Claremont-Pomona College — 200-odd protesters chanting “Shut it down!” and “From Oakland to Greece, f - - k the police.”

Do they not understand they represent tyranny with that attitude?

Last month, goons stopped American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray from delivering a moderately conservative talk at Middlebury College, with Professor Allison Stanger hospitalized by the violence.

The thing is, the students believe it is proper to act out this way because they have been trained to.  They proudly deny the free-speech rights of people whose writings they haven’t even read because they've been told by their leftist handlers to do so.  Do they not realize they are mindless pawns doing the bidding for people who in the end wish to control them in ways they believe their opposition wishes to control them?

It's the great lie. The great deception.  One that emerges often throughout history.  Greece.  Rome.  Nazi Germany.  Soviet Union.  And so on, and so on.

The colleges won't stop the madness because they want the madness.

They call for anarchy and revolution.  What they will get is tyranny and death if they succeed.

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