Thursday, April 06, 2017

Trump Considers Strikes Against Syria

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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What happens in Syria is important on a global scale.  We must also remember that our ally in the region, Israel, shares a border with Syria.  Because of Syria, Lebanon is no longer a Christian ally, but now is a Muslim adversary.  How close is Syria's madness spilling into Jordan?  How can being involved in Syria also assist in the wider war against ISIS?

In the past, Trump has railed against Bush for invading Iraq.  He railed against Obama for pulling out of Iraq through a series of messages telegraphed to Islam.  He railed against Hillary Clinton during the campaign for President in 2016 alleging that Clinton wanted to get into a shooting war with Iran, and Russia.  Now, President Trump is in the hot seat.  After the use of chemical weapons, allegedly by the Assad Regime, in Syria, Trump is seriously considering a military strike against Syria.

I am not fully against his feelings about doing something in Syria, but let's learn from history.

1: If we remove the dictator, Assad, a more horrific regime, likely backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, or an Iranian puppet, will slip into the void that would be created by the "regime change".

2: If we linger, put boots on the ground, or use fighter pilots in the skies of Syria, the likelihood of a long, drawn out, campaign increases, and the possibility of American casualties or prisoners of war increases.

So, what should Trump do?

1: Disable Assad's forces and military capabilities, but keep him alive and breathing.

2: Use Tomahawk Missiles, or another style of weaponry, that does not place our military forces at risk of capture or death.  Strike hard, swiftly, and decisively.  Then leave, as Assad's military complex smolders in ruins.

3: Do not telegraph your move, or let out what exactly you plan to do.  No "line in the sand," and no "this is when we leave."  Do it, say nothing, and leave.

4: Ensure that no Russian equipment is damaged.  While we share the desire for a downsizing of the war in Syria with the Russians, we don't share much more with them...and the last thing we need is to create a situation that gives the Russians, or Democrats, a reason to begin a new propaganda war against the Trump White House.

Remember, Susan Rice last year said there are no more chemical weapons in Syria.  Also, remember that when there were no WMDs found in Iraq, military leaders stated that Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, including chemical weapons, had been transported to Syria because Iraq knew the invasion was coming.

Let's learn from history, and act accordingly.

We'll see.

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