Friday, April 14, 2017

Trump's War

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Last night, during the question and answer phase of my constitution presentation at the Banning-Beaumont-Cherry Valley Tea Party meeting, someone asked me, "Are we going to war?"

"I hope not," I responded.

The liberal left is bent on making Donald Trump look like a warmonger, and that anything that goes wrong in the world is somehow his fault.  The media is pushing "fake news," and misleading headlines so as to portray Trump as a flip-flopper or an out of control buffoon.  When a coalition airstrike in northern Syria erroneously targeted 18 friendly fighters as they battled against ISIS forces, to make it sound like it was the fault of the U.S. Military (and therefore, a blunder by President Trump), the Los Angeles headline reads: U.S. military says misdirected airstrike in northern Syria killed 18 allied fighters.  Most people glaze over the word "says," and will believe it was the U.S. Military's fault; unless they read the article, and piece together it was coalition forces (associated with U.S. presence), and not actually U.S. Forces that made the blunder.

Now, the Democrats think Trump is about to take us into World War III (or IV, if you consider the Cold War the third one).

If there is a confrontation of military proportions, the fault will not be Trump's.  We knew when the pudgy short dictator gained power in North Korea that he was a time bomb waiting to go off.  And now that he's making threats, the truth may be that he will have to go through with it to save face because one thing we can say about Trump is he does not back down in the face of whining, crazy, temper-tantrum throwing morons (we got plenty of practice with the Democrats).

North Korea never stopped being at war.  Their whole culture is wrapped around the idea that the United States will someday return to finish off the Korean War.

So, they've been getting ready.  Building.  Preparing to go to war if ever America was to come back.

Trump has a naval fleet on its way.

While experts believe it is unlikely that North Korea under Kim Jong-un has the capability to sending a nuclear missile all the way to the United States, they may have the ability to reach Japan (if not now, within two years), and definitely have the ability to strike their neighbor to the south.

South Korea is preparing for war.  They are on high alert because they know how dangerous North Korean leaders can be.  China has deployed troops near their border with North Korea.  North Korea has warned Trump they will hit South Korea and U.S. Bases if America as much as flinches a military muscle.  Plus, Russia and Iran have threatened to retaliate against Trump because of his Tomahawk missile strike against Syria.

There is a lot going on.  I can't assure anyone that war is not on the horizon.  I, however, hope that Trump's decisive moves have proven to be evidence enough to the bad guys out there that starting war with the United States will be a losing scenario for them, and it must not be visited.

Either that, or I hope Trump has a plan in play disabling all of North Korea's capabilities as we speak.

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