Friday, May 05, 2017

Comey's Games

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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James Comey is the Director of the FBI, and he should no longer hold that position.  Rather than act in a manner becoming of the position, he's playing politics, and is in "cover his own ass" mode, and "cover the establishment's ass" mode.

What is even worse is he revealed a few times that wrongdoing has been done, but then says there is nothing the FBI could do about it.  He admits Hillary Clinton's email crimes existed, but took no action.  He admitted that Huma Abedin regularly forwarded classified information to her husband Anthony Weiner’s computer, but somehow does not see the criminality or treason that such a thing represents.

Comey is playing politics to protect his position, or the positions of key democrats, is admitting it outright, and yet he is still FBI Director.

What's wrong with this picture?

He has basically admitted (as he did nearly a year ago with Hillary Clinton in a news conference) that crimes were committed, treason was committed, but all parties involved are exonerated.

He should have been fired a year ago.  Trump should have fired Comey at first chance.  The man is a danger to the security of this country.

When Comey was asked by Senator Diane Feinstein the other day in a Judiciary Committee hearing about the letter to Congress in late October, a letter of which Hillary Clinton partially blames for her loss to Trump, that suggested there was new evidence arising regarding the Hillary Clinton email investigation, Comey said in his view, it came down to a choice between "speak" and "conceal." He concluded that releasing the information would be "really bad," but concealing the information could have been "catastrophic."

"I said to my team we have to walk into the world of 'really bad.' I have to tell Congress we're restarting this," he said.

"This was terrible. It makes me mildly nauseous to think we might’ve had some impact on the election. But honestly it wouldn’t change the decision."

Come again?  Someone who committed treason through her private email servers is running for President of the United States, and you are "mildly nauseous" knowing that not illegally concealing the information may have impacted the election?

Yet, after combing through 60,000 emails, many of which have been shown to contain confidential material, he still stands by his "Hillary had no intent" claim.

All Comey's Testimony did was remind us that he is a part of the game by the Democrats to undermine the American System, and he should have been fired long ago as a result of his participation.

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Anonymous said...

Comey speaks with a "Forked Tongue" -Miles

Anonymous said...

Comey is a bigger liar yet as "intent" is proven by the act itself. If one robs a bank, going into a bank with gun, pointing it at the teller and demanding money proves 100% intent. No matter what the criminal says such as "oh, I didn't intend to harm the bank". Runs along the line of ignorance is no excuse. Point is Comey is lying - Hillary showed intent by her acts, her action, to violated the felony laws she did. She is guilty as sin.