Monday, May 01, 2017

Democrats Celebrate Marxism on May Day

By Douglas V. Gibbs

May 1 is also known as May Day.  It represents the shadowy cloud left behind by Karl Marx.  In 1889 it became International Workers’ Day.

"Workers of the world, unite!"

Except, communism (a.k.a. socialism, progressivism, liberalism (modern day, not classical), utopianism) fails every time it is tried.

Lenin and Stalin carried on Marx's theories, and slaughtered civilizations.  Hitler honored Marx while claiming to be the opposite of Marx with the Day of National Work. Khrushchev honored Marx with violent rhetoric and spectacular parades.  All on May 1.

But, it didn't stop there.

The Catholic church has Joseph, the patron saint of workers.  

Today's Democrat Party is resurrecting Marx.

May Day is Marx Day, simple as that.

Communism fails because it cannot sustain itself.  Liberal left progressive socialist collectivism is unable to survive on its own.  It is a parasite that is dependent upon free market economics.  Without a free market, capitalist system, government dependency goes broke, and breaks into riots, and starvation.  Just ask every country in Africa except Botswana and South Africa.  Observe Brazil and Venezuela.  Recognize what started in Greece, and is sure to infect the rest of Europe.

May Day reminds us that Karl Marx has not gone away.  Communism exists as it always has as the dark side to the right side.  He exists in Black Lives Matter.  Marx hangs on in La Raza.  Communism is alive and well in the hard-left policies of the Democrat Party.  Marx remains powerful because the radicals remain in place, and they want another revolution.

Marx understood that his system was parasitic.  That's why China finally inserted a little bit of capitalism into their communist system.  They needed the economic boost.  The government control, however, is going to bring it all crashing down.

Free economic systems work.  That's why socialist Nelson Mandela kept the British Saxon system in place in South Africa.  South Africa has prospered under capitalism.  Marxism and Islam has devastated the rest of Africa with violence, hunger, and poverty.

Besides, the socialist Marxists are hypocrites.  They want the workers to unite and like in mediocrity, but the political leaders expect to live in luxury.  Marx's personal life was the same.  Full of hypocrisy.

Marx preached communism, but lived through capitalism.

So do the leading politicians of the Democrat Party.

May Day is the history of international workers' day.  It is a celebration of Karl Marx, the father of communism, and the Democrat liberal left progressives are celebrating it today.

The Soviet Union collapsed, and our country has been in big trouble, thanks to leftist policies.  Marxism is an opponent of the United States Constitution.  Yet, Americans celebrate Marx's May Day.

Shouldn't that be considered treasonous?

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