Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Democrats Going For Broke

Posted by Douglas V. Gibbs
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Obama holdovers in government are attacking Trump from within and leaking what they can to try and damage his presidency.  The media is foaming at the mouth going over every word said, and every piece of paper written, seeking to interpret anything they can as being a reason to feed their creation of a "classified controversy".  The Democrat Politicians are throwing as many fiery darts at Trump as they can, screaming impeachment.  It is all about narrative, and not about truth, or a functioning government.  They are pulling out all the stops, doing anything and everything they can to try and sabotage the presidency.  They are trying to create distractions, and hope that one of those fiery darts might, somehow, hit a mark.  They are the true obstructionists.

My message to those who support Donald Trump, and to Mr. Trump himself, under this barrage of unfounded attacks and during this ridiculous portrayal of how much of an enemy of the Constitution the liberal media, Democrat Party, and other leftists out there, truly are, is as follows:

"Stay strong in your defense of your political views. The enemy flings as many fiery arrows as they can, knowing that they need only one to hit its mark. No matter how hard they try, however, they cannot pierce the armor of God.  However, we must be willing to wear that armor in the first place."

The Democrats understand an age-old tactic proven to be effective by many past totalitarians.  Scream a lie often enough, and it will eventually become truth.

They seek trepidation.  They seek doubt.  They seek the destruction, and silencing of their opposition.

While watching the liberal left do their thing, we must ask ourselves two questions:

  • Is their foaming at the mouth activities in line with American ideals and constitutional principles?
  • How would the liberal left have responded if the conservatives of this country acted like they are during the eight years of Obama?
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