Saturday, May 13, 2017

Economy Improving, But You Wouldn't Know It

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The stock market is reaching highs, and achieving new records.  April's job report reveals a sharp acceleration from months prior (and years prior), overall economic growth is on the uptick, but you wouldn't know it watching the mainstream media.

A Labor Department report showed 211,000 jobs were added in April, accelerating sharply from March and pointing to tightening in the labor market.

A solid pickup in hiring last month helped push the stock market to record highs. The gains were driven by energy, technology and industrial companies.

The Labor Department told investors what they had hoped to hear: employers added more workers last month after a sluggish beginning to the year.

The liberal media, and the Federal Reserve, have downplayed the economic growth.

About 80 percent of the S&P 500 companies having handed in their first-quarter reports, with about 75 percent of them topping profit estimates.

Donald Trump says the growth is because of consumer confidence, and business confidence.  In fact, with Trump in the White House, economic expectations are high, and so far, the markets are responding.

But, once again, based on the reporting by the mainstream media, you wouldn't know it.

A friend of mine works in investments, and birthing new businesses.  He seeks to bring executives together with start-ups, and venture capital with new projects and endeavors.  He's swamped.  He told me that hope is to the point where big money who was skittish over the last decade is opening up and money is flowing.  "If you think economic growth is good, now, wait until these new ventures get going," he recently told me.

Worry has become hope and confidence.  Trump has encouraged a new generation, and a new drive for success.

"Treat the word impossible as little more than motivation...It's the outsiders who change the world...America is better when people put their faith into long as America remains true to its values our best days are yet to come."  Donald Trump, May 13, 2017 Commencement Ceremony, Liberty University.

Trump's attitude, "Know how to win," has become inspirational, and infectious.

The Democrats hate him for that.

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