Saturday, May 27, 2017

Facebook's Zuckerberg: We Need Universal Basic Income

by Douglas V. Gibbs
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Social justice?  What Mark Zuckerberg is calling for is the next step towards full Soviet-style communism (or something worse).

Leftism has failed every time it has been tried in history.  It can't pay for itself, and it destroys human initiative, and individual drive.

Mark Zuckerberg's recommendation was voiced while he was giving a commencement speech at Harvard University.

"We should explore ideas like universal basic income."

It amazes me that a man who used capitalism to become among the richest people in the world now wants to destroy the very economic principles that put him into a position where folks are even willing to listen to what he has to say.

The problem is, like most leftists, he has "equality," and "equity" confused with each other.

Equity is being the same at the finish line.  Equality is no government interference so that we are at the same place legally when it comes to opportunity at the starting line.

Besides, is it even possible to reach true "equality"?  And, would we really want such a thing?

Our differences, uniqueness as individuals, make us unequal, and that creates innovation and inspiration.  Without those differences, we would be nothing more than mindless subjects in a totalitarian society ruled over by a political elite.  It is our inequality that makes us strive for more, and use our unique talents to get us there.  Then, our individual successes make the community better, and inspires the next generation of innovation.

Zuckerberg disagrees, like any good Marxist.

"Every generation expands its definition of equality. Now it's time for our generation to define a new social contract."

Zuckerberg recognizes that the U.S. Constitution is a social contract, and he is calling for a new one.  In other words, he is calling for the overthrow of our system of government.

"We should have a society that measures progress not by economic metrics like GDP but by how many of us have a role we find meaningful."

He's calling for a communal system, as did Karl Marx and Frederic Engels (and Lenin, and Stalin, and Hitler).

"We should explore ideas like universal basic income to make sure everyone has a cushion to try new ideas."

New ideas do not happen in communism. New ideas, like his, comes through a free market system, and the incentive of profit, and yes, a long list of failures.

Zuckerberg is just another Marxist, calling for the treason of overthrowing our republic, and system of liberty; and the lemmings applauded, because they have been trained by the educational system to do so.

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