Thursday, May 11, 2017

FCC's Ajit Pai under Leftist Attacks

By Douglas V. Gibbs

When the Obama administration was pushing Net Neutrality, and placing internet freedom at risk, the member of the Federal Communications Commission to publicly speak out about the dangers of heavier federal regulations regarding the internet was Ajit Pai.  When Donald J. Trump became President of the United States, he promptly made Pai the chairman of the FCC.  Now, John Oliver, a liberal left commentator on HBO has decided to launch a series of "grassroots" attacks through hardcore activism against Pai, using a slew of bot accounts, fake comments, and death threats against the chairman.

Oliver takes personal credit for encouraging and convincing the Obama administration to chase after net neutrality, in the first place.  Now, with his platform of millions of HBO viewers, he is launching his "grassroots activism" against Chairman Pai for daring to prepare the FCC for the anti-progressive sin of trying to reverse the net neutrality policy.

Pai's "Restoring Internet Freedom" filing recognizes Oliver's "Go FCC yourself" attacks for what they are.  The comments sent the FCC's way are not the opinions of Americans in general, who elected Donald J. Trump, and a more conservative approach to issues, in November of 2016.  Instead, the John Oliver inspired attacks consist of thousands of comments by fake people with fake names and bots posing as "Jesus Christ," "Michael Jackson," "Homer Simpson," and even "Melania Trump."

Tuesday evening, 1,761 comments were filed under the name "John Oliver."  998 separate comments were filed using the name "Yoni Schwartz."  611 comments used "1" as their name.  Over 500 were submitted using Chairman Pai's name, and 189 came from people claiming the name "Donald Trump."  8 were filed as being from "Obama," which coincidentally, I believe, was the number of times each Democrat illegally voted at the ballot box for Barry in 2008 and 2012.

Eleven submissions used some version of the F-Bomb.

Pai, as the comments have come swarming in, has also been the recipient of a number of death threats, a common tool of Democrats, college snowflakes, and members of institutions ranging from public academia to the vile depths of the entertainment industry.   

Many of the comments from the self-proclaimed "tolerant" liberal left crazies also used racial attacks against Pai, the son of Indian immigrants.

The FCC, during this slew of liberal left socialist utopian commie attacks against Pai, has also been the target of multiple distributed denial-of-service, or DDoS, attacks, which are "deliberate attempts by external actors to bombard a system, which in turn can crash a site temporarily.

In short, John Oliver is just another example of a liberal left loony tunes baby whining and crying and throwing a temper tantrum because Hillary Clinton lost the election, and because, like the rest of the snowflakes, Oliver has either bought into the lies that has created the kind of madness we've been seeing by these mindless tools of the liberal left, or he has fully bought into the liberal left's cause, which is Marxist, and follows the treasonous game plan of revolution to overthrow the government championed by communists throughout history, and the extremely radical Saul Alinsky.

I have a feeling in Oliver's case, it's the latter.

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