Sunday, May 21, 2017

Gas Taxes Go Up, Roads Crumble

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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In California, the Democrats have a super-majority, so they are having their way, and the corruption is flowing mercilessly.

Melissa Melendez, a republican assemblywoman fighting the good fight in Sacramento, when discussing SB-1, a new gas tax and rise in registration fees akin to the ones that got Gray Davis recalled over a decade ago, says the new law is a lie.  The Democrats illegally bought votes to get it to pass, and while promising the money will go to fixing the roads, the reality is that the Democrats plan to divert the money their pet projects that have nothing to do with roads, and everything to do with funding their insanity.

According to Melendez, "This budget is a perfect Democrat con job. After forcing a multi-billion dollar, potentially illegal, tax increase on all Californians, with the promise of better roads, Governor Brown and his fellow Democrats are already diverting funding...diverting 30 percent of funding from the gas tax to non-road related projects like building parks and job training for felons."  This is not to mention their plans to spend the money on out of control pensions, the bullet train that nobody plans to ride and funding to protect and encourage illegal immigration.

A network of legal, educational, and faith-based nonprofit groups will receive $300,000 to assist immigrants with a variety of issues, not just deportation.

Where is the money coming from?

Take a guess.

This is after the hidden tax of ten cents per grocery bag after the "single use bags" ban.

For the Democrats in Sacramento, the game is no longer what is best for California, but "how can we find more ways to squeeze dimes and nickels out of Californians so as to fund our utopian dream?"

The deceptive methods, however, are packaged nicely.  Save the planet.  Remember, Mr. Obama said that Climate Change is the greatest threat.

Never mind that the whole Climate Change hoax is falling apart...

So, what happens when we stop driving cars, and the gas tax goes away?  What happens when the fuel tax starves business, and goods stop coming to California?  What happens when the socialist dream becomes the same as the chaos in the streets of Venezuela?

Then, they will tax the air you breath and the number of steps you take.

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