Thursday, May 04, 2017

Hillary Clinton Blames

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Personally, I don't care what Hillary Clinton says, or thinks.  She is a non-story.

In line with the snowflakes, she believes her own bullcrap, and the truth has eluded her.

Hillary blames her loss to Trump in November on FBI Director James Comey and alleged Russian interference, but can't possibly fathom that it might be because she was a bad candidate, or that people are sick of leftism and finally believed they had a GOP candidate that is willing to kick liberalism in the hind end.

During a speech, Clinton cited the letter from Comey late in the campaign saying agents were looking into possible new information related to Clinton’s secret, homebrewed computer server.  She also mentioned WikiLeaks, the antisecrecy website which some analysts believe to be connected to Russia and which posted the hacked emails of Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta.

“I was on the way to winning until a combination of Jim Comey’s letter on October 28 and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but were scared off,” Clinton said at the Women for Women International Conference.

She added: "If the election were on October 27, I'd be your president."

Most people weren't even paying attention to that crap.  Those of us deep into politics were, but not the average voter who is juggling a job, family, and finances.  The real polls had her losing.  The manipulated polls were unaffected by those things.  She lost the moment Trump said "wall," and "stop Muslim refugees."  Americans voted against hard left liberalism, of which Hillary was blanketed in.

People fear for their safety, and their country, and Hillary Clinton would have been a double-down on Obama policies that many voters believed were anti-American, and against our safety regarding illegal aliens and Islamic jihad.

Hillary, unfortunately, is not finished.  She's joining the snowflakes in their "resistance", and push to destroy the U.S. Constitution.  It is amazing how the un-American traitor still believes she's relevant in American politics.

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