Saturday, May 13, 2017

Last Man Standing Cancelled: Trump Derangement Syndrome?

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The science fiction nerd in me has made me a fan of 12 Monkeys on SYFY channel.  The Star Trek and Star Wars nerd in me that craves good comedy and good character development (I have to admit, that is also a characteristic of 12 Monkeys, too) has made me a fan of Big Bang Theory on CBS (though I usually only have time to catch syndicated episodes on TBS).  The conservative in me that also enjoys a good traditional family show made me a fan of Tim Allen's "Last Man Standing" on ABC (though I usually only have time to catch syndicated episodes on KDOC and FreeFall).

Of the three, the one that fits most closely to my traditional beliefs is Last Man Standing, and it has been cancelled, despite its high ratings.

While not perfect, the writers, after all, are not conservatives like Allen, for God's sake (so, the wife on the show calls him her "partner" rather than husband, but for the most part, the show is funny with a fairly conservative message.

The program has been on ABC for six seasons, is the network's second highest rated comedy, and third highest rated scripted series.

So, who's the doofus who decided the show should be cancelled?  When something is doing that good, don't you keep it around, and move it to a slot to compete with your competitors?

"This was a scheduling decision," wrote Jori Arancio, senior vice president of ABC Entertainment and ABC Studios, in an email sent to Fox News.

The program was created to appeal to conservative audiences, who tend to be forgotten in liberal left Hollywood and the leftist tendencies of the entertainment industry.  With the liberal left craziness right now in response to the Trump presidency, one wonders if the show was cancelled because of its conservative message.

Daniel John Sobieski at American Thinker seems to think so.

One wonders.

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