Sunday, May 07, 2017

Le Pen Loss Reveals How Lost France Has Become

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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I suppose it's the difference between the call for sovereignty by the Saxons, and the capitulation into Roman authoritarianism.  The British chose Brexit, and the French chose bondage in a global system managed by socialists and Islamists.

France's presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen, called for sovereignty, and was willing to defend France against the onslaught of incoming Islamism, the globalist madness of international Marxists, and the sovereingty killing policies of the European Union.  Her opponent, 39 year old Emmanuel Macron, called for internationalism, a continuance of the injection of Islam into French society through horrific immigration policies, France's allegiance to the European Union's iron fist, and the systematic destruction of French Culture, French traditions, and the French way of life.

Macron won.

Macron is a former investment banker who resoundingly rejects Le Pen's populist message.  His election sends a message to the globalists.  Europe is not completely lost to the utopian socialist dream.  France has become the central pillar of the European Union.  Elections in Austria and the Netherlands also shot down the call for sovereignty, and with Britain's divorce final in 2019, France will become the EU's only member with nuclear weapons and a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council.

While Trump congratulated Macron on his win with a Tweet, and Macron said he wants continued intelligence-sharing with the United States and cooperation at the United Nations, the American President would have no-doubt preferred working with a President Le Pen, who shares his views about the dangers of a country having no borders, Islamic terrorism, and the socialist arms of the E.U. and the United Nations.

Germany, still the possessors of the European Union's leading economy, breathed a sigh of relief.  The German Foreign minister, Sigmar Gabriel, laced his welcome for Macron with a warning to the French, saying, "If he fails, in five years Mrs. Le Pen will be president and the European project will go to the dogs."

Le Pen and her National Front political party saw the election as a victory, despite her defeat, and is now setting their focus on France's upcoming legislative election in June.  While Macron will hold the presidency, the socialist parties in France have imploded, and the "historic and massive" score achieved in the presidential election by her National Front party has made it "the leading opposition force against the new president's plans."

"I call on all patriots to join us," Le Pen said. "France will need you more than ever in the months ahead."

"Now we enter combat," said Didier Roxel, a National Front legislative candidate.

Le Pen said she won 11 million votes, which would be her party's highest-ever electoral score.

That said, we must be reminded that a third of French voters in this election, interestingly enough, didn't even cast a vote.  One would think the likelihood of their refusal to vote was that they saw Le Pen as being too extreme to the right, and Macron as being not extreme enough to the left.  These hard left socialist voters may be a problem in the legislative elections for Le Pen's plans of causing upheaval for Macron, and for Macron's policies that are not socialist enough for those voter's political taste.

I see riots and austerity in the future for France, with an uptick in Islamic terrorism, as a result.

While Macron is patting his own back over his 65% landslide victory, his election was the first time since the 1969 election that participation in the second round of voting was lower than in the first.

The Muslim invaders in France cheered Macron's win.

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La Joie said...

Le Pen will never win a presidentail run, the French will never elect an extremist at the head of their country, neither would they vote for far left.
They choose a liberal europeist, because they still don't realise that the EU is killing their country, plundering and destroying what made France. The next months will show the real face of Macron. Will they understand then ?