Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Manchester Terrorism, Explosion at Ariana Grande Concert

by Douglas V. Gibbs
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When yesterday the newsfeeds began putting out "explosion at Ariana Grande concert" I figured it was just some pyrotechnics problem, and I didn't pursue learning more.  Not an Ariana Grande fan, and about the only thing I know about her is that she allegedly sings, performs, and did a funny wireless commercial where she gets left out on a dirt road for the navigation app because of a limit on data.

Then, more reports came in, but there was no indication the situation in Manchester England was a terrorist attack.  The media did all they can to keep from calling it such.

Then, the real news began to pour in.

The Manchester Arena was hit killing at least 22, and injuring 59.  The "nail bomb" exploded at the exit as Ariana Grande fans were departing the event.  Thousands fled as young bodies were ripped apart by the explosion.  

The nail bomb was full of nuts and bolts, which blasted into the young concert goers, a packed area and perfectly timed.  The exit area was packed when the explosion went off at the sold out arena of 21,000 seats.  The explosion occurred at about 10:35 pm the night before last.

According to officials, a male suicide bomber has been identified as allegedly being responsible for the attack, but the identity has not been released.

Ariana Grande escaped unharmed, and Tweeted her sorrow.

My message to Ariana and her many fans are as follows: Kiddies, this is the reality of Islamic terrorism, the the consequences of liberal left policies welcoming floods of Muslim migrants.

My prayers and compassion are definitely out there for the slain, but the reality of the political part of this is apparent.

May God welcome with open arms the victims of this disgusting terror attack that could have been avoided if the government had simply refused to accept the hordes of Islamic invaders they receive without even a wince.

Updates (includes identity of suicide bomber):

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