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Soros Lawsuit Just Another Chance for Denial

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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When the poison of modern day globalism is discussed, the conversation always includes the name George Soros.  The desire for a utopian world akin to Karl Marx's communism was strong with George's father, a strong proponent of Esperanto; a language created in 1887 by L.L. Zamenhof for the purpose of “transcending national borders” and “overcoming the natural indifference of mankind.”

Tivadar Schwartz taught his son the language of Esperanto (pure globalism) and forced him to speak it at home. In 1936, as Hitler was hosting the Olympics in Berlin, Tivadar changed the family name from Schwartz to Soros, an Esperanto word meaning “will soar.”

George Soros, who was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, benefited greatly from his father’s decision.

Allegedly, in 1944, 14-year-old George Soros went to work for the invading Nazis. It is said that until the end of the war in 1945, he worked with a government official, helping him confiscate property from the local Jewish population.

In a 1998 interview with 60 Minutes, Soros described the year of German occupation as “the happiest time in my life.”

Soros landed in London in 1947, and attended the London School of Economics.  The London School of Economics was founded in 1895 by Sidney Webb, a founder of the socialist "Fabian Society" (Source: The Unseen Hand by A. Ralph Epperson, page 195).  The intention of Webb was to use the school to teach the ideas of socialism to the sons of the very wealthy.  The school's early funding came from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust Fund, and from Mrs. Ernest Emhirst, the widow of J.P. Morgan partner Williard Straight.

Among the most illustrious students, aside from George Soros, were Joseph Kennedy Jr., John F. Kennedy, and David Rockefeller.

After receiving his utopian education from the London School of Economics, Soros worked at several merchant banks in London.  Then, he moved to New York in 1963.  In 1970, he founded Soros Fund Management and in 1973 created the Quantum Fund in partnership with investor Jim Rogers.

In the 1990s, Soros began a string of large bets against national currencies. The first was in 1992, when he sold short the pound sterling and made a $1 billion profit in a single day.

He continued to currency speculate, destroying economies in order to benefit financially.  Today, Soros is estimated to be worth about $23 billion.

Soros has used his money to also bankroll and fund revolutions in dozens of European nations.  He has financially meddled in, and inflamed the revolutions in, Czechoslovakia, Croatia, and Yugoslavia, among others.

During the chaos, he invested heavily in assets in each of the respective countries.  Then, he advised the fledgling governments arising out of the bloodletting to privatize all public assets immediately, which then allowed Soros to sell the assets he had acquired during the turmoil into newly formed open markets.

For Soros, regime change helped him with two goals.  Profit, and create the conditions needed for his globalist agenda.

In 2004, Soros decided it was time to turn to his greatest obstacle to a new world order - The United States of America.

In the U.S., he has been igniting the push for "social justice" by funding groups like The American Institute for Social Justice (works to increase government funding into social programs), The New America Foundation (works to influence public opinion on such topics as environmentalism and global governance), and The Migration Policy Institute (works to influence illegal immigrant resettlement policy and increase social welfare benefits for illegal aliens).

Soros spends money through his Open Society Foundations to fund the progressive media outlet, Media Matters, and leftist groups, including the Tides Foundation, Center for American Progress, and the Democracy Alliance.  The latter groups enable him to circumvent the campaign finance laws he helped lobby for.

In the process, Soros is gaining political power in the Democrat Party.  Any Democrats not willing to tow the line find their funding cut, and are attacked in media outlets such as Media Matters, which also directly contribute to mainstream sites such as NBC, Al Jazeera, and The New York Times.

Billions of dollars has been invested by Soros into the downfall of the United States, but his greatest investment has been in his relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Soros began supporting Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run in 2013, taking a senior role in the “Ready for Hillary” group. Since then, Soros has donated over $15 million to pro-Clinton groups and Super PACs.

He has given more than $33 million to the Black Lives Matter group.  So, while the Democrats point at Putin's Russia as being the villain in the 2016 Presidential Election, it turns out that the accusations are merely a case of sleight of hand, so that you don't notice that the real meddling came from Soros.

While Soros works on the U.S., he has not abandoned Europe.  Soros’s meddling has continued to appear in Europe, with among the latest being the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which began in early 2014.

In a May 2014 interview with CNN, Soros stated he was responsible for establishing a foundation in the Ukraine that ultimately led to the overthrow of the country’s elected leader and the installation of a junta handpicked by the US State Department, at the time headed by none other than his buddy, Hillary Clinton.

His other European meddling involves the Syrian refugee crisis.  With the rise in Islamic terrorism in these countries, we scratch our heads regarding why it could possibly be that they continue to increase the number of migrants coming into their countries.  The policies welcoming the invaders seem insane.  Why is it that the civil war in Syria even rages, and why is it that Europe continues to keep their gates wide open so as to let the invaders in?

The refugee crisis is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. It coincided with OSF donating money to the US-based Migration Policy Institute and the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants, both Soros-sponsored organizations. Both groups advocate the resettlement of third-world Muslims into Europe.

In 2015, a Sky News reporter found “Migrant Handbooks” on the Greek island of Lesbos. It was later revealed that the handbooks, which are written in Arabic, had been given to refugees before crossing the Mediterranean by a group called “Welcome to the EU.”

Welcome to the EU is funded by Soros's Open Society Foundations.

Soros is the architect of the refugee crisis, and the money behind the “Merkel Plan.”

The Merkel Plan was created by the European Stability Initiative whose chairman Gerald Knaus is a senior fellow at none other than the Open Society Foundations.

Destruction of free societies is the way for Soros to ensure a socialist global society.  Economic and social chaos demands revolution, demands that the terror reaches a point where the people cry out for peace and safety, and ultimately demands full, totalitarian governmental control in order to restore the peace.

Not everyone is fooled by Soros, and his meddling has been exposed on numerous levels.  His meddling in the African nation of Guinea has led to a $10 billion lawsuit against the 86 year old globalist.

As usual, it is a case of Soros masquerading as a humanitarian while manipulating the political landscape.

In the current case, Soros has denied all allegations.

He always does.

As Dinesh D'Souza pointed out in his film, Hillary's America, the leftists are always launching new cons, and when they are caught, the strategy is to Deny, Deny, Deny.

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