Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Law for Kate Steinle

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Kate Steinle was the San Francisco woman murdered by an illegal alien who had been deported multiple times, and was taking advantage of San Francisco's unconstitutional sanctuary city status.

Any sanctuary city or sanctuary state status laws are unconstitutional because federal immigration law does not allow for sanctuary status, and according to Article VI's Supremacy Clause, States (and therefore, also cities) cannot have laws contrary to United States laws which were made pursuant of the U.S. Constitution.

The Republican members of the House of Representatives have finally decided to do something about sanctuary cities, and they decided to name the bill after Kate Steinle.

Kate’s Law, if it becomes law, would deny federal grants to sanctuary cities and increase the penalties for deported aliens who try to return to the United States.  The two parts of Kate's Law are being proposed as two separate bills.

Only one Republican has voted against the increased penalties for illegals bill, and 24 Democrats have joined the winning side in voting their approval for the new bill.

The other bill, which would deny federal grants to sanctuary cities, passed with a vote of 228-195 with 3 Democrats voting yes and 7 Republicans voting no.

According to Fox News:
On Wednesday, President Trump highlighted other cases during a White House meeting with more than a dozen families of people who had been victimized by illegal immigrants, including Jamiel Shaw Sr. 
Shaw’s 17-year-old son Jamiel was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant in California in March 2008.. 
“He was living the dream," Shaw said during the meeting. "That was squashed out.”
The second measure, "No Sanctuary for Criminals Act," would cut federal grants to states and “sanctuary cities” that refuse to cooperate with law enforcement carrying out immigration enforcement activities. 
“The word 'sanctuary' calls to mind someplace safe, but too often for families and victims affected by illegal immigrant crime, sanctuary cities are anything but safe,” Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly asserted in the pre-vote press conference.
“It is beyond my comprehension why federal state and local officials ... would actively discourage or outright prevent law enforcement agencies from upholding the laws of the United States,” he added. 
While gaining support in the Senate for similar legislation will be a tough road, Trump called for Congress to act quickly. 
Trump called on the House and the Senate to “to honor grieving American families” by approving a “package of truly key immigration enforcement bills” so that he could sign them into law. 
“I promise you, it will be done quickly. You don't have to wait the mandatory period. It will be very quick,” promised Trump.
Of course the leftists in the streets are screaming against the bills, calling the Trump administration's desire to execute the constitutional immigration laws on the books as being “anti-immigrant,” but Attorney General Jeff Sessions says it is not sound policy to allow sanctuary cities to flout federal immigration laws.

ICE already has arrested nearly 66,000 individuals this year that were either known or suspected to be in the country illegally. Of those arrested, 48,000 were convicted criminal aliens.

ICE has also been making raids on convenience stores with great success, but the media has been hiding the signs of success.

In the past, Trump has made it abundantly clear that among his key agenda issues is immigration, and he has linked the immigration issue to national security.

“We will suspend immigration from regions where it cannot be safely processed,” Trump said last December. "We will restore the sovereignty of the United States, finally end illegal immigration, construct a great wall at the border, dismantle the criminal cartels, liberate our communities from the epidemic of gang violence and drugs pouring into our nation. We will ask Congress to reform our immigration programs to protect jobs and wages for American workers. The Forgotten Men and Women of Our Nation. to keep our nation safe and secure from terrorism we sill suspend immigration from regions where it cannot be safely processed. People are pouring into our country. I don’t have to say who’s letting them in any more. We don’t need another San Bernardino. We don’t need another Orlando. We don’t need another World Trade Center. We don’t need another Paris or Nice. Look at Germany. We have enough problems. Your state has just experienced a violent another atrocity at the great Ohio State University. That further demonstrates the security threats stupidly created by our very very stupid politicians: refugee programs. The job of the president is to keep America safe and that will always be my highest priority."
Candidate Donald Trump emerged on the scene because he took a hard stance on immigration.  His position on the issue is a large part of what got him elected as President of the United States over criminal alien friendly Democrat Candidate Hillary Clinton, and stands in stark contrast to the Obama policies of the previous eight years which sent the message to the illegals that they were welcome to come.

Kate's Law is a perfect step in the direction of fulfilling his promise, and combating the unconstitutional and treasonous activities of the Democrats at the State level.

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