Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Democrat Hysteria Loses Elections, Now 0-for-4

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Tom Price's spot in Congress, of which he departed from when Trump nominated him for Health and Human Services Secretary (a position Price currently holds), and you could also say Newt Gingrich's former seat, of which he took from the Democrats in 1979 after generations of Democrat control, in the United States House of Representatives representing Georgia's 6th Congressional District, was won narrowly by Republican Karen Handel.  This is the fourth seat the Democrats have failed to steal through special election since the arrival of President Donald J. Trump in the White House.  Democrats wanted to declare a victory so that it may support their "referendum against President Trump" narrative, but instead it revealed that the Democrats don't know how to beat the GOP in Republican dominated regions, and they don't know how to beat Trump.

Jon Ossoff, the democrat who ran against Handel in the run-off election in Georgia threw everything he could into the game in the hopes of winning, which included an awful lot of money.  He raised more than $23 million, and pumped into the race a total of a whopping $30 million.  If you add Handel's expenditures, the race cost over $56 million (a record, by the way).  

While Ossoff ran as the candidate seething with vicious opposition to Trump, Handel's campaign embraced the President, showing support for the President, and she won as a result.

Handel is the first Republican woman to represent Georgia in Congress.

So much for the Democrat Party being the party to shatter barriers, and break glass ceilings.

Prior to Handel's win, the GOP has also pulled off House victories in Kansas, Montana and South Carolina.  The message?  2018 will be all about Trump, and if Trump continues to refuse to be the evil racist sexist bigoted President the Democrats say he is, and on top of that his presidency continues to reel in successes, it could be a very disappointing 2018 mid-term election for the Democrats.

"Democrats from coast to coast threw everything they had at this race, and Karen would not be defeated," House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a statement.

Now, with 2018 on its way, Democrats have their eye on 24 GOP-held seats in the hopes of regaining a House majority next November.  The Democrats say their polls and studies of the trends point towards an encouraging outcome next year.

You know, like the polls and trends told them encouraging news regarding Hillary Clinton's inevitable win last November.

Democrats will likely double-down on what has been defeating them.  I don't believe they understand that it is their progressivism, and baseless obstructionism, that is defeating them.  They believe the country has made a sharp left turn, and Trump is some kind of unexpected anomaly that can be bullied out of office with name-calling, and just a little more money.  In fact, I am willing to bet that the Democrat brass is saying right now in some back office where the leftist strategy-makers convene, "If we had just spent a little more money on the Ossoff campaign, and ran just a few more attack ads, we would have won."

That's always their answer, isn't it?  More attacks, get more vicious, throw more money at the problem, resist, resist, resist..

The Party of the Donkey truly does not understand why Trump won the presidency, or why the Republicans have been doing well of late.

Now, the Democrat Party is like a cornered animal, reacting to everything, bearing its fangs, and extending its claws.  In the coming elections the Democrats will be more vicious, more insane, more leftist, and more pro-Muslim and pro-gay and pro-socialism and anti-Constitution and anti-God because they truly believe that is what it will take to win.

Which is exactly why they lost in the first place.

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