Thursday, June 01, 2017

Manila Terrorist Attack Rocks Philippines

By Douglas V. Gibbs,
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A group of hotels, casino-style, in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, has been the site of a explosive terrorist attack targeting tourists and local gamblers.  ISIS has claimed responsibility.  Officials say there is no indication showing it was terrorism.  Footage reveals the attack was conducted in a manner consistent with terror attacks, encompassing a combination of gunfire and explosions.

At least 25 people were injured and were taken to various hospitals.  There are overturned vehicles, and as the fires raged, witnesses said they saw guests jumping from the second floor of the hotel

Smoke has been rising steadily from the Resorts World Manila complex

Filipino elite Police Special Weapons and Tactical (SWAT) personnel have been confronting the attackers who entered and stormed the area wearing black hoods at midnight

As this confrontation is escalating, an ongoing Muslim militant siege in the country's south is currently being waged.  In that battle, in the region of the city of Marawi, the current death toll is 171.  The southern region of Mindanao is currently under martial law as the government works to defeat the Islamic forces engaging in war against the local population.

Soldiers have also been dispatched to the Resort World Manila to resolve and secure the situation.
Donald Trump said that the United States is "closely monitoring the situation, and labeled the incident a "terrorist attack."

The resort complex under siege is located near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, and it features multiple hotels and bars, as well as a casino, shopping center and cinema.  Some reports have revealed that there is a growing belief militants attached to the Muslim forces in the southern of the region may be attacking elsewhere in the hopes of diverting the focus of Filipino fighting to quell the siege in the south.

Government officials have continued to maintain the narrative that the terrorist was not engaged in terror, was simply a casino robber, who, according to reports, has now been killed.  The man ransacked a room and stole gaming chips worth more than 1 million pesos, according to CNN.

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