Friday, June 30, 2017

Media Tweet Coverage Mentally Ill and Blinded by Hatred

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Is the media biased?

Hey, I am not saying that I totally approve of Trump's tweet going after Mika Brzezinski - not because she shouldn't be dealt with, but because in politics it is important to fashion your responses in such a manner that they are hard-hitting, but bullet-proof enough that the backlash is largely neutralized.  Trump's tweet didn't do that.  But, really?  With all of the important news out there the liberal left media is going to spend all of their time on what the President tweeted?

The liberal media said that Trump has shown that he is "mentally ill" over the latest tweet storm and are demanding him to act presidential.

He's gotten more done in the opening months as President of the United States than any president I can think of in recent history.  The courts have been hitting him with blind hatred, the media has been hitting him with blind hatred, the Democrats have been hitting him with blind hatred, and yet he is still getting his job done.  How presidential must he be before you realize he is your president?  Besides, while screaming at him to act presidential, when will the media begin to finally act journalistic?

Do they not see their attacks, which are fueled not by what is best for this country, or informing the public of the news, but by blind hatred, as being something that hinges on themselves being mentally ill?

By the way, this is only my second post on the Trump's tweets.  Unlike the media, I'd rather write about the news, politics and policies of the Washington, not tweets.

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