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Russia Probe and Investigation: Comey To Testify June 8

By Douglas V. Gibbs,
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The unmasking scandal (“Unmasking” is the revealing in intelligence reports of the identities of Americans whose communications, or information regarding whom, have been “incidentally” intercepted during foreign-intelligence-collection operations), allegations of Russian influence on the 2016 presidential election, and the Comey memo indicating Trump sought to obstruct the investigation into Michael Flynn's role in alleged collusion with Putin's Russia is deep into a legislative probe by Congress, and the House Intelligence Committee is intensifying its Russia investigation.  According to Fox News, only NSA has worked at all with the committee, and their participation has been minimal at best.

A total of seven subpoenas have been issued, including on issued to former FBI Director James Comey.

Comey's testimony is being seen as integral to the investigation, but his word cannot be trusted.  He has been caught in the past delivering false testimony, and he has proven to be a leftist lap dog.

Samantha Power was also included on the list of subpoenas. In 2012, Samantha Power, a woman that once called for a U.S. invasion of Israel, and has a history of anti-Israel rhetoric while supporting continued Muslim attacks against the small country, was been appointed by President Barack Obama to be the new Atrocities Prevention Board chair.  She later served as Obama's ambassador to the United Nations.  While a subpoena is not a charge of guilt, when a subpoena is served, it suggests that the recipient was either involved in the activity in question, or has information directly, or indirectly, associated with the activity in question.  While practically a card-carrying communist, a disgusting Obama insider, and a woman who's associations with enemies of America make her someone I would rather just have leave this country for good so as to eliminate her catastrophic influence, one wonders why Samantha Power was chosen to receive a subpoena in this case.  He association with the intelligence in question is minimal.  However, the choice of Power also indicates that the committee believes the Obama administration's hand in all of this was deeper and more extensive than even the most ardent conspiracy theorist has been screaming.

Committee subpoenas targeted Susan Rice (Obama's national security adviser and Benghazi talkshow host propaganda mouth) and John Brennan (Obama’s director of the Central Intelligence Agency), both who were heavily involved in working with President Obama in relation to intelligence gathering and analyzing foreign intelligence.  Based on the rules which apply to foreign-intelligence-collection, there are significant prohibitions against the revealing of names of American citizens involved in any intelligence operation.

Longtime Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen (who has denied campaign interaction with the Kremlin) has been targeted with a subpoena.

Of course General Michael Flynn, Trump’s original national-security adviser, received a subpoena.  His forced resignation was one of the spark plugs behind the increase of accusations. Flynn was forced to resign when it emerged that he may have provided an inaccurate version of communications with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak to senior administration officials, including Vice President Pence.

John Brennan testimony opened doors for the subpoenas, and Flynn has been seeking immunity.

While solid evidence does not exist, and Comey's testimony is just a matter of hearsay, the accusation of obstruction of justice against President Trump could be something that may create consequences that will hang over White House for years if Comey testifies the President did tell him to let the investigation go.

The Democrats are aware of the implications, which is the whole reason for their political move. They wish to hamstring the White House.  That is also why they are calling for a special prosecutor, an outsider who is charged with looking for evidence of crimes based on their imaginary attacks.  It's like the guy throwing dozens of darts at a target, figuring eventually one will hit the bulls eye; but, in this case, they are figuring that if you accuse of criminal activity enough, surely there will be something, somewhere discovered.  After all, the Democrats are crooked and corrupt, so they figure surely must be all Republicans.

While there is no concrete evidence, the media is fueling the narrative and the court of public opinion, which plays an important role in the Democrat Party's witch hunt.

That said, of course Russia would love to meddle in American politics.  Democrat Ted Kennedy worked 1984 with the KGB in the hopes of stopping Ronald Reagan's reelection. . . because Russia prefers Democrats in office.  After all, wasn't it under Obama that Putin received the gifts of South Ossetia, The Crimea, and Ukraine without as much as a whimper from the United States government?

Logic dictates that if they wanted someone to win, it was Hillary, not Trump.  In short, this White House is trying to prosecute its agenda, but with one arm tied behind its back because of all of the attention that is being necessarily donated to defending these ridiculous and calculated attacks against the Trump administration by a Democrat Party suffering from Trump derangement syndrome and the worse temper tantrum I have seen by the leftists since I have been following politics over the last forty years.

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