Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Travel Ban: Not Okay for GOP, Okay for California Democrats

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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While the Democrats scream and cry over Trump's travel ban from six Muslim-majority countries because they believe his executive order targets Islam and bans travel for some people because of what they believe, California Democrats are banning official travel for California officials to certain locations in the United States because of what the people at the destination locations allegedly believe.

California's travel ban, in fact, continues to be expanded to include more States that don't fully fit their hard left religious model of liberalism, secularism, humanism, hedonism, and anti-Christianity-ism.  California's Democrats are discriminating against the States on the list because they believe those States discriminate.

Kansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and North Carolina were the original forbidden destinations. Now, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has declared by rule of the pounding of the giant leftist Democrat scepter with a winged donkey perched atop of it that the ban must also include conservative-majority States Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota, and Texas, as well.

To explain the reasoning behind the prejudicial official travel ban regarding official travel to those States, Becerra said in a statement, "Our country has made great strides in dismantling prejudicial laws that have deprived too many of our fellow Americans of their precious rights."

In short, he is saying that liberty only works in the United States if all States are forced to conform to the way of thinking of the liberal left.

Apparently, according to the Democrats, there is a ranking system among rights, and some rights as defined by the liberal left deserve preferential treatment over religious freedoms for individuals or groups.

The message sounds a lot like something Jean Jacques Rousseau said before being a part of plunging France into the bloody French Revolution shortly after America's own revolution against the British Empire.  "Sometimes, man must be forced to be free."

I am sure if those States on California's ban list would promptly change their ways, imprison Christians and Jews, tear down all religious symbols in their States, and pass laws forcing people to praise homosexuality and cross-dressing or be fined for refusal to comply, California would promptly lift its travel ban to those States.

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