Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Trump, Executive Orders, Supreme Court, MSNBC, and Inciting Terrorism

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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In an email, one of my readers sent the following:

Subject: judges and timetable, then idiot news host


Doug: What do you think of above? Help me make sense of it.



My response:

First video: While Trump has the constitutional authority to ignore the courts because there is no authority in the Constitution allowing the courts to strike down an executive order, he has decided to use the courts so that once he gets his "authorization" from the Supreme Court, he believes the leftists will have no choice but to fall into compliance due to the concept of precedent.  However, I think he doesn't understand the resolve of the left to go against him at every angle, regardless of any setback be it legally, or otherwise.

Second Video: The MSNBC host is really the one inciting terror.  Again, let us not be fooled by the idea that they have the capability to think reasonably.  The media has hate for anyone that is a challenge to the leftist agenda, and everything is fair game to them.  Remember, to the liberal left, the ends justify the means.


Douglas V. Gibbs
Director, Civics and Constitution Studies, CORE
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President, Constitution Association
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