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What's Wrong with Socialism and Lego Batman's "It Takes a Village"

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By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Socialism is nothing new.  The Founding Fathers of the United States called it utopianism, and they called the redistribution of wealth the "Schemes of Leveling."

"The Utopian schemes of leveling, and a community of goods, are as visionary and impracticable as those which vest all property in the Crown. [These ideas] are arbitrary, despotic, and, in our government, unconstitutional." -- Samuel Adams

Early Americans knew the dangers of socialism during the period surrounding the American Revolution because it had already been tried during the early years of English settlements being established.  Jamestown and Plymouth both tried a communal system where the means of production was controlled by a collective system and where all of the goods or materials produced would be delivered to a central store where then colonists would take only as they needed.  The result was starvation.  Without the incentive of being personally responsible for one's own self-reliance, and without the incentive of profit that could be made from taking any excess to market, production reduced, and demand increased - and starvation ensued.

Ami Horowitz decided to do his own study, and in the short video below, you find that he discovered that the American Leftist Democrats see nothing wrong with socialism, but in Venezuela the result has been, as it was in Plymouth and Jamestown, starvation.

Venezuela is a mess.  Death and violence and starvation has become the way of life.  And it is all because of socialism.

Some advocates who are proponents of the United States embracing socialism says we already live in a socialistic society. They say that's why we have police and emergency services.  The liberal left statist socialist Democrats claim there really is only two sides of the coin.  Socialism, and anarchy.

Socialism is government control of the means of production.  In our republic, however, the Framers of the Constitution established certain roles and authorities for government, and the means of production is not among those powers.  In order to maintain an orderly society, and secure the Blessings of Liberty, things like law enforcement needs to be in place, not because that's a form of socialism (because it's not), but because without it, your freedoms are limited.  You would be forced to stay home to protect your property yourself, and the freedom to go to work, to go to the market, or to go out for entertainment would be lost.

The true foundation of what we are talking about is the battle between the ideas of individualism, or collectivism.  The liberal left wants you to believe it takes a village.  Nothing gets done unless there is a communal effort with the good of the community at the top of the list of reasons.  And, they want your children to understand this, as well.  I was shocked (well, maybe "disappointed" is the right word) when I took three of my grandchildren to the movies, and in the Lego Batman Movie the collectivism message was front and center, and the phrase "It takes a village" was actually spoken by the "mayor" in the movie twice!

When Commissioner Gordon retires, his daughter Barbara is hailed as the next Gotham leader of law enforcement. No qualifications.  No real experience.  Here only reasons to be able to grab the position is that she's Gordon's daughter, she went to the Police School at Harvard, and she has a great slogan. “It takes a village.”

Hmmm.  Kind of sounds familiar. Wasn't there was another "leader" with no qualifications we remember recently?  Ah, yes, Hillary Clinton. And, guess what, kids? "It takes a village" is the title of Hillary Clinton’s first book.

That's right, folks, the socialist commie Democrats are targeting your children through children's entertainment outlets (as if you didn't know, already).

Socialism, in short, is starvation and societal failure by cultural suicide.

But, hey, the liberal left Democrats with nothing but good intentions say it will be okay here in America, because they are the right socialists to make socialism work even though it has failed every single time it has ever been tried.

Reminds me of my Italian friend, who said to me, "The socialists have ruined Italy.  We need to throw them out and replace them with good socialists."

As if there is such a thing.

Also, let us not forget, conservatives believe in community, and that we should do good through our community; just not through government, and not as a part of a collective.

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