Monday, July 03, 2017

AP Rails Against Trump's Lack of Progress

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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According to the Associated Press, GOP voters blame Congress, not Trump, for lack of progress.  Lack of what progress?

The Associated Press says that Trump has failed to deliver on a record number of promises.

The Presidency is, first of all, a four year marathon (and sometimes, eight years), not a few months sprint.  That said, Congress, and President Trump, have worked together to put into place more bills into law than any President since Truman.  Even the liberal left PolitiFact says so.

But, the AP says that there has been a lack of progress as if it is a matter of fact, not to be disputed.  Who would dispute the AP, after all?

Which is the point.  The truth that Trump is the most active President, and that the GOP is the most active Congress, since the first presidency following World War II during the first half of the last century does not matter to the AP.  They are trying to write a narrative that Trump and the GOP are a do-nothing team, after all, and facts to the contrary can be pesky things.

I get it.  It's frustrating that Obamacare hasn't been repealed, and it's even more frustrating the Republicans want to "replace" federal intrusion into a health care industry that the Constitution gives no authority regarding.  But, let's not fall into the left's poisonous hypnosis.  The idea that there has been a lack of progress is ridiculous.  In truth, Trump is quite active, and working very hard, as he promised.  But, you can only juggle so many things at once.  While he's been active, for some issues we must also have patience.

That said, I actually prefer a federal government that does as little as possible because internal issues are none of its business, but in the case of Trump, I appreciate the activity, because there is so much to undo.

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