Tuesday, July 18, 2017

California Cap and Trade Vote Reveals GOP Traitors

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The Democrats in California have become very arrogant with their supermajority, and their snare has gotten so efficient that now they are catching in their net turncoat Republicans.  Monday's vote on Cap and Trade, extending it through 2030, revealed a whole gaggle of Republicans willing to turn against their constituents, and against the GOP platform.

AB 398 is really not about cutting carbon emissions as much as it is about being a hidden tax, and an attempt to control energy usage.  The eight Republicans who voted for the bill ensured its passage, and once again California taxpayers have been beaten and bloodied under the vicious rule of hard left liberal Democrat policies.

In California, raising taxes requires a two-thirds majority in both legislative houses, and in the case of Cap and Trade, with a few Democrats not voting, Republican help was required, and provided, to achieve that 2/3 supermajority.

Jerry Brown strutted like a smug peacock, proclaiming, "Tonight, California stood tall and once again, boldly confronted the existential threat of our time."  The "existential threat" he was referring to is mythical man-made climate change, a smoke and mirrors hoax designed to allow for such draconian laws to be passed (without any complaint by the public, because they've been convinced it is necessary in order to save the planet).

Cap and Trade (AB 398) is a law that requires the purchase of carbon credits, or permits, in order to be allowed to release pollutants into the air.

In other words, the Democrats have figured out a way to tax smog.

While the claim is that cap and trade incentivizes companies to reduce their carbon footprint, what it really does is drive business out of the State, and drives up the cost of doing business, and therefore the cost of all services or goods associated with the hidden tax.  In the long run, it kicks up energy costs and the costs of goods using energy to be produced, and then sticks consumers with the bill, an especially devastating hit against those in poverty.  Either a recall of the Democrats must happen, or there will be a mass exodus out of the State (which, in fact, is already in place).

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