Monday, July 10, 2017

Can't Make Constitution Association Dinner? You can still help. . .

From our 2016 Constitution Association
Constitution Day Celebration at
Independence Hall West (Knott's)
The liberal left Democrats couldn't stop Trump with an all-out blitz by the media and the political class to keep him from winning the GOP Primary. They couldn't stop Trump with violent protests and riots at his speaking locations. They couldn't stop Trump with voter fraud. They couldn't stop Donald Trump in the November presidential election after manipulating the polls to try to convince his supporters to not even spend the time casting their vote because Hillary Clinton's rise to the White House was "inevitable". They couldn't stop Trump with a recount. They couldn't stop Trump with an attack against the Electoral College. They couldn't stop Trump with more violence and more media attacks. They couldn't stop Trump with impeachment threats.  Their attempt to stop him with a legislative bill tied to the 25th Amendment has not been doing well.  So, now they are working on hitting Trump with a federal lawsuit so as to force him out of office using their army of activist judges.  At last count, 196 Democrats have signed on to this insane idea.

In other words, never mind impeachment, they are going for a political coup through the court system.  This is more than a witch hunt, this is a treasonous overthrow of the President of the United States of America.

Douglas V. Gibbs and the Constitution Association are on the front lines fighting this madness, but we need your help.  We can only do so much with so few resources.

Douglas V. Gibbs, "Mr. Constitution," has been working very hard to Make America Constitutional Again.  A part of his efforts is as President of the Constitution Association.  This coming Saturday is our big, annual anniversary dinner that also serves as a fundraiser.  The reality is, it takes money to fight the good fight.  But, if you were unable to get tickets for this coming Saturday, all is not lost.

The reality is that the Democrats have been doing all they can to try and stop anyone they disagree with politically.  They have been pulling out all of the stops, of which many are downright criminal.

Americans like you are sick and tired of these kinds of leftist shenanigans, and it is because of folks like you that Donald J. Trump was able to win the last election.  He needed you at the polls, and now he needs you in the trenches.

The work is only beginning, and though you were unable to secure tickets for this Saturday's "Make America Constitutional Again" event, it's not too late to help us in our effort to help the Trump administration through. . .

●  Letter campaigns and phoning our representatives.

●  Challenging leftists by providing constitutional truths online and through radio programming.

●  Spreading the word through rallies and events.

●  Sponsoring classes teaching the constitution not only to the choir, but to those who have been convinced that the U.S. Constitution is an oppressive document.

●  Sponsoring trips to Washington D.C. and Sacramento to influence our lawmakers.

●  Sponsoring afterschool constitution programs.

●  Sponsoring textbooks and textbook corrections with a more originalist message.

●  Producing videos and other media tools to reach the younger generations.

●  Get out the vote programs.

●  Scholarships through Constitutional Essays programs.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg of what we are trying to do. . . but it takes funding to pay for it all.

We have been working hard, but with very few tools available to us.  We need funding to help us accomplish the tasks, and so that we can influence and reverse the damage caused by the treason being committed by the radical Marxist Left!

They are fighting a war, using war strategies and tactics, and until we quit treating this like a political disagreement, and go to war with them, they may very well be able to fulfill their mission to destroy President Trump.

Give to the Constitution Association to help with constitutional education programs.

Give to Douglas V. Gibbs to help with the radio program which is currently $700 short of paying for its next contract.

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