Monday, July 03, 2017

CNN Wrestled and Body Slammed: Press Looking for a Way to be Offended

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The mainstream media is once again being played by President Trump, and they are too stupid to realize it.  Why do we allow the mainstream media to determine what is real, and what is fake?  The hate and vitriol for President Trump being portrayed by the press has reached ridiculous levels.  They were fine with bloody attacks threatening the life of the President, a play in a New York park depicting the assassination of Trump, they were fine with Madonna saying she wanted to blow up the White House, and they were only mildly bothered as they barely reported Kathy Griffin holding a severed head of the President, but Trump's latest body slam of CNN is horribly wrong to them.

In fact, they are absolutely horrified.

The video put out in a tweet by President Trump with a scene from many years ago when Trump was a guest on World Wrestling Entertainment showing the billionaire wrestling down an opponent with a clothesline and pounding on him with the face (a face replaced with the CNN logo) has the media beside themselves.

Think about it.  They have decided that violent threats against the President of the United States is fake, but wrestling is real.

I thought the video is funny.  It's a metaphorical beating that the idiots at CNN deserve.  Hear that? A Metaphorical beating, of which Trump has been handing them ever since he first emerged on the political scene when he decided he wanted to run for president.  I am not supporting the concept of using violence against them, I am saying that it is about time someone took them on, and the metaphorical beating is a hell of a lot funnier and tongue in cheek than is assassination plays and comedic beheadings.  That is why they are upset.  The mainstream media's dominance of defining what is true or not is being challenged, and they don't like it.

Rush Limbaugh has this thing about revealing absurdity by being absurd.  That is a part of what is behind Trump's latest tweet that has the media so beside themselves.  I suppose the President ought to be a little more reasonable, or at least that is what the pundits are saying, but are they not realizing that as they are freaking out about tweets as the President is stacking up accomplishments because that is what Trump wants them to do?  The media is being played, and the idiots are like little rats following his flute-encouraged dance as the Pied Piper leads them to the cliffs of insanity.  They are not reporting the news of what this President has been doing, because they are too gullible.  They are busy chasing a mouse on a string.  That is because they don't care about the news, they are looking for a way to be offended, and for the fun of it, Trump is providing them with plenty of opportunities.

As blood squirts out of their eyes in anger, Trump is having a hardy laugh over how easy it is to pester them, and get them all riled up.

In short, he is making them look like petulant children who scream and cry over the slightest little thing.  "Mom, he's looking at me.  Mom, he made faces at me.  Mom, he's saying he's going to wrestle me to the ground!"

Meanwhile, Trump's policies have been going into place with even more ease because their opposition is not there.  They are spending little or no time attacking those accomplishments because they are too busy chasing the mouse on a string.

If everyone would just stop being offended for a moment, because being offended is childish and stupid, they would realize the method behind Trump's madness, which is maddening to the mainstream media, but is giving Trump a chuckle, and time to do his work without the press realizing that what he is doing his making them look stupid.

What they are is a fake media.  #fakemedia

I'll bet, however, they haven't been reporting on the Trump supporter beaten to a bloody pulp by Antifa.

Or, how about the Muslim beating the Austrian couple?


They hate Donald Trump more than they they love America, and more than any resolve to report accurate news.

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