Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Democrats Seek Bill Using 25th Amendment to Remove Trump

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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They couldn't stop Trump with an all-out blitz by the media and the political class to keep him from winning the GOP Primary.  They couldn't stop Trump with violent protests and riots at his speaking locations.  They couldn't stop Trump with voter fraud.  They couldn't stop Donald Trump in the November presidential election after manipulating the polls to try to convince his supporters to not even spend the time casting their vote because Hillary Clinton's rise to the White House was "inevitable".  They couldn't stop Trump with a recount.  They couldn't stop Trump with an attack against the Electoral College.  They couldn't stop Trump with more violence and more media attacks.  They couldn't stop Trump with impeachment threats.  Now, after throwing everything but the kitchen sink into their obstructionist campaign of intolerance against anyone who dares to oppose them, the Democrats have turned to the 25th Amendment.

It amazes me how much the Democrats claim to believe the Constitution is an oppressive document until they believe it to be something they can use for their own advancement.  Then, suddenly they act like they are staunch constitutionalists.

The problem is, like usual, they are either misapplying or misinterpreting the U.S. Constitution.

The move is being initiated by Democrat Congressman Jamie Raskin of Maryland.  The list of co-signers from the Democrat Party is growing.  The claim is that their bill can force President Donald Trump from office if he were found mentally or physically unfit.

First of all, the 25th Amendment does not address "erratic behavior" as judged by his opponents because they disagree with his politics, or the diagnosis of a fake doctor because, of course, they will choose who they think will give an opinion which best fits their motive.  Second, according to the 25th Amendment it is not Congress who initiates the written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the duties of his office.  The amendment specifically says it must be initiated by the "Vice President and a majority of either the principle officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide."

I don't see Mike Pence questioning the President's ability to do his job, even if the Democrats can drum up some deadbeat doctor to make a proclamation that Trump is bananas.

The law, according to the Democrats, if they were able to get it to pass (which would require 2/3 of
Congress overruling of a veto since they would never be able to get Trump to sign it), would create an 11-member bipartisan commission known as the Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity, which would medically examine the president and evaluate his mental and physical faculties.

Also, think about how dangerous this is, the Congress lowering the bar for removing the President of the United States just because they have a political disagreement with his policies, and don't like the fact that he essentially tells the media to go to hell and tweets in a manner that offends their delicate sensibilities.

The 25th Amendment has been used, a few times, but not for political disagreement and crying snowflake Democrat idiots.

In July 1985 Vice President George H.W. Bush was acting president for about eight hours when President Ronald Reagan underwent a procedure to have a precancerous lesion removed from his colon.

And Dick Cheney was twice acting president during the administration of President George W. Bush, both times during which the president had a medical procedure performed.

The amendment was proposed and ratified not to be used as a weapon for ideological warfare, but to fill the office of the presidency when something happens.  We have had presidents not only go under the knife like the Bushes, but remember that Woodrow Wilson had a stroke while in office and Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a number of moments when he was unable to temporarily carry out the duties of his office.

It must be noted that both of those presidents experienced their disabilities prior to the proposal and ratification of the 25 Amendment, which was proposed July 6 1965 and ratified February 10, 1967; largely as a precaution with the assassination of President Kennedy still in the historical rear-view mirror.

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